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Well, if you got here via the bi-chromatic Universe and "Dez", thanks. Their being available means they can be rented out, so to say, to vendors. For example, they'd be great in promoting pastries. Kids love cookies, so do adults. As for that ascending numeral three, it came about by way of ignorance. More than once, I'd see that same numeral with wings or a halo or both even on this or that pickup truck. And, dumb me, I'd think they were like golden horse shoes or four-leaf clovers ... good luck charms. It wasn't until later, I found out those threes are meant to commemorate one posthumously charismatic NASCAR driver. To inspire all those signs of grief, that guy might've had the makings for ... well, that's likely better left to the intuition of NASCAR votaries.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

litmus test 4 lou dobbs

Just to confirm the conscientious reader's conjecture, I hereby acknowledge that the genesis for my idea was provided by a guest on Lou Dobbs' cable.channel broadcast. As best as I can recall, the guest neatly concentrated her message with the acronym "CRAG".

Forgetful me, only "Rescind" represented by the "R" stuck in my mind. In this case, she had in mind rescinding the American citizenship of so-called "anchor babies". From what I can tell, the way our Constitution is currently interpreted, if a child is born on our territory to illegal immigrants, then that infant becomes, automatically, an American citizen.

By the bye, that's how Sidney Poitier, the offspring of Bahamian parents, got his citizenship. A bunch of years later, he won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a compassionate carpenter in LILLIES OF THE FIELD . . . back to the main post.

Please, dear Reader, try to understand. Constitutional lawyer, I ain't. Despite the novel THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, sending an American citizen into exile is patently unconstitutional. Deportation of an anchor baby's parents, who happen to be illegal immigrants and choose to take their child with them, would mean exiling an American citizen. And so, circumstances allow the "illegal immigrant" parents of an anchor baby to avoid deportation. In the final analysis, shouldn't (?) American children, whatever the legal status of their parents, be allowed to remain in the loving care of their parents.

In as much as Americans honor "family values", the best way out of this "fine kettle of fish" seems to involve rescindment of an innocent infant's American citizenship. Once that child's citizenship is rescinded, that child is no longer an American citizen, and is therefore subject to deportation as any other illegal immigrant, including the child's parents.

Getting back to forgetful me, I conjecture that "R" stuck in my mind for a simple reason. Were all three branches of our government to execute in reality the meaning of that "R", the impact would dwarf the combined impact of execution of the "C" and "A" and "G".

Perhaps, dear Reader, you recently tuned into this or that cable news channel, and thereby observed clips, showing demonstrations by thousands upon thousands. The people in those demonstrations were protesting the on-going deliberations by our American Congress with regard to laws that regulate immigration. For my part, I infer they have good cause for protesting. They probably suspect that merely enforcing immigration laws, already on the books, might mean dire consequences for themselves, or their significant others.

Also for my part, I'm now wondering just how many of those demonstrators are "anchor babies" . . . ah, grown, of course. But, nonetheless, their being born in this country allowed their illegal immigrant parents to avoid deportation.

Lest I disappoint my numerous devoted fans by continuing with this oblique approach to the crux of the matter, I shall now remind the good reader of this post's title, expressly, "litmus test 4 lou dobbs".

. . . ah, yes, my little chick-a-dees, lem'me'tel'ya true. Unless your friendly regionally oriented legislator is addressing the matter of rescinding the American citizenship of "anchor babies", that legislator is blowing smoke up your hindquarters, if not your rectal orifice. And that's what I mean by "litmus test".

gotta'admit . . . were it not for Lou Dobbs having the lady with her "CRAG" acronym on his cable.channel broadcast, I doubt I would've heard of "anchor babies".

ya'know . . . with that I'm addressing my rather more discerning readers . . . devising a fair-minded, plus consistent with conventional family values, protocol for dealing with anchor babies and their illegal immigrant parents will bear only the thinnest resemblance to child's play.

Let's consider those thousands of high school students in the aforementioned demonstrations. What sort of "cut-off" date should be set for the birthday of anchor babies? Should (?) those born before a certain date be allowed to retain their American citizenship. Whereas, those born after a certain date are to have theirs rescinded?

Let's suppose all three branches of our government go along with such a law. I can easily imagine a situation, wherein an anchor baby retains citizenship but a sibling born later loses same. What are the parents, who are illegal immigrants, to do?

For my part, if ever the opportunity comes my way, I shall ask my friendly regionally oriented legislators for their individual opinions on what is to be done with "anchor babies". If all I get is obfuscatory smoke, then I'll know that the relevant sapsuckers are only jacking off about illegal immigration.

aaaay, truth be told, I reckon the best I should expect from any friendly regional legislator is a candid acknowledgment that dealing with anchor babies is fraught with sickening complications. And I suppose the best a reasonable person should expect, by way of a promise to attend to the matter, is initiation of discussion.

again, lem'me'tel'ya true, if your friendly regionally oriented legislator was elected on a platform that emphasized "family values", that will not be an easy promise to make, let alone keep.

.he who is known as sefton

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my best shot at ==>

==> philosophy . . . ta dah!

. . . . . . . . The HEXASOPHE . . . . . . . . .

01 - courage of imagination is primal being.

02 - intensity of belief alone fails to guarantee truth of belief.

03 - reality is the future, and the future is reality.

04 - absolute logicality saps humanity.

05 - ascribing to dasein any purpose, however ostensibly noble, may NOT be degradation most vile.

06 - consciousness is its own ideality.

As for the word in italics, it is German vernacular for human existence. By employing that word, I hope I'm paying homage to Martin "Marty" Heidegger. The first hexasophe should make it all too obvious to any philosophy grad student that I regard Friedrich "Fritz" Nietzsche as a significant event in the history of humanity.

As for the word in all caps, I figure it's a reasonable compromise with people, who ascribe as much weight to faith as to empiricality.

Coming up with a quick and dirty elucidation of the last hexasophe is just a tad beyond me. Likely enough, the average philosophy grad student would arrive at a very reasonable inference about HEGEL'S CONCEPT OF EXPERIENCE.

Much farther down in this blog . . . in fact, the very first post . . . one finds The CORLEONE MANIFESTO. Some people, who do earnestly concern themselves with speculative thought, might assume that the MANIFESTO preceded the HEXASOPHE. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's the other way round.

.he who is known as sefton

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what (?) makes muslims unworthy!

According to the latest news, via www.google.com, the man, who converted from Islam to Christianity, has been freed from an Afghan prison. It's a good bet that, however well hidden Mr Abdul Rahman may be, he's in fear of his life.

This case might inspire some speculation on the part of our domestic pundits. But I doubt it will. Anyway, let's suppose the muslim apostate turned christian had, instead, been, say, a jain adnate. As the average encyclopedia describes jains, their way of spirituality is an off-shoot of the hindu persuasion. And then, this jain in question, Mr Rahman I mean, converted to, say, shinto, which happens to be Japan's indigenous religion, of sorts.

In the case just posited, the Afghan authorities, who jailed Mr Rahman for switching from Islam to Christianity, would have had no problem with his switching from jain to shinto.

It might be tough to get the point across to the authorities, who jailed or countenanced jailing Rahman. Incidentally, some purely religious authorities went so far as to call for his decapitation. Still, even if it fails to persuade those authorities, either purely religious or supposedly secular, rational argumentation leads to the conclusion that non-muslims are permitted freedom of conscience. In contradistinction, under the supposedly secular law that prescribes death for those adnates who dessert Islam, Muslims are forbidden freedom of conscience.

For the sake of time and space, let us, dear Reader, you and I, make a leap in rationale. Evidently, non-muslims, also known as "jiarours", are worthy enough to enjoy freedom of conscience. With just an additional small step forward, we come to this question, specifically:

How (?) come, in the eyes of Allah, Muslims are condemned as unworthy of freedom of conscience!

.he who is known as sefton


wood'ja (?) buh-leave! For a while there, I persuaded myself that I should revise the text in green. After pondering whether it was unjustifiably incendiary . . . maybe, even, well, calumnious . . . I decided in the affirmative. And then, it happened.

While driving to an internet terminal at Binghamton University, I had the radio tuned to the news. Via dulcet tones, I learned that the Afghan parlimanent ernestly expressed the sentiment that the persecution of Rahman should continue . . . that pushed me over the edge.

The more incendiary, I decided, the better. In this matter, calumny would require a minor miracle.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

want (?) your customers to love you! adopt Universe and "Dez"

Let's start
with a
romantic take
on why
wears those
rosy sunglasses. Turns out, I was told that she wants to see the
world through the lenses of

Anyway, it all started with the movie FOXES, in which Jodie Foster appeared as a member of a pack of teeny-boppers. Back then, Jodie had yet to start the transition from kitten to cat. In one scene, Jodie and her packmates are washing plastic dolls as, I guess, part of a high school class in infant care. The camera and the dialogue make it very clear that these young ladies feel they have other and much better things to do.

Here's what I was hearing in the back of my mind, something like so: "When they have babies of their own, care (?) to guess what they'll fall back on."

I spend very little time, if any, with social workers. But according to some reports, some of them struggle mightily to hold back tears, as they speak about the sorry state of child care skills that is found in so many households ... "9 1 1 NANNY", anyone?

Well, I decided it would be a good idea to somehow popularize the notion that parenting skills can be learned. Myself, I would recommend that the learning should start a couple years before puberty. The idea was that Universe and "Dez" would appear in two-minute segments of animation that would be broadcast, as part of local television programming for children.

Take my word for it. More than once, I tried battering through brick walls to realize my idea. And all I got for my efforts was a bloody scalp.

And then, it happened!

I got smart.

Those two bi-chromatic kids would make for great advertising. It wouldn't be all that difficult to use them to sell cookies, and other stuff that would be appropriate to children's interests and activities. As for other stuff, I was thinking ice cream, bowling, college savings plans, and even home entertainment systems ... aaaay, you, whyz.ache.err, why (?) not female radio personalities!

Some people, wise to the advertising game, might wonder whether it would be possible for cartoon characters to sell something as abstract as college savings plans. Here's the thing about parents of small children. Mommy and Daddy yield all too easily to the temptation to talk about their little darlings.

Just as an aside, do beginning parents ever (?) realize just how annoying is their putting their giggly toddlers on the phone! Well, lemme clue ya, the callers at the other end think the darndest things.

Back to Mommy and Daddy, what's more, the temptation to mention what they're doing for their little darlings is virtually irresistible

ya'known, who'da'tunk (?) dat yellow Peanuts bird could sell home owner's insurance.

By the bye, I haven't given up on the idea that Universe and "Dez" will eventually be used to introduce children to the idea that parenting skills can be learned. In the meanwhile, they're available for advertising various types of products. Interested vendors are encouraged to contact the "legal guardian", me A Alexander Stella. I can be reached at this e-mail address:


or bylandline at

....... (570)853-3050.

Some readers may recognize the graphic as one that appears on refrigerator magnets. To get the word about my blog, I resorted to passing those magnets out to all sorts of people. For those of you interested in statistics, here's what I'm conjecturing happened to, say, 400 (four hundred) such magnets. By the bye, I passed out more than that ... but let's keep the math simple.

I'm guessing that half of the 400 was tossed aside. In monetary terms, $600 (six hundred dollars) went down the drain. Now let's focus on the remaining 200 (two hundred) -- at this point, somebody wise to the mechanics of advertising may well be yelling,

"Hold on there. Just how do you know that ONLY (?) two hundred (200) of your cockamamie refrigerator magnets got tossed aside."

ya'know, that's a good question. Well, let's put it this way. At first, please permit my regaling the dear Reader with a literary allusion, say, "practicality, my dear Watson, practicality". And I'm backing that up with a wager of my five doughnuts to somebody's three that 200 were not tossed aside for a very good reason.

Just so happens, women use such magnets to stick notes on their refrigerator door to remind her beloved that Thursday is garbage day ... so, it would be only nice to take same out to the curb, before leaving for work. Now, let's continue.

Likely enough, half (100) of those remaining 200 ended up in households that neither have immediate Internet access in the home nor care all that much about the Internet. Remember, my blog "he who is known as sefton" has to be reached through the Internet. In monetary terms, $300 went down the drain.

Now, let's focus on the 100 that ended up on refrigerators in households, whose members do have immediate access to the Internet, or do indeed spend considerable time in exploring the Internet. One would think that my money, some $300, finally paid off.

Think again, my little chick-a-dees, members in half of those households, some 50, pass up visiting my blog. Okay, that's $150 dollars down the drain.

gee, mis'tah, ya'should'ah spent only $150 (one hundred and fifty bucks) on only 50 of dose fridge doo-hickeys, an' given dem out to only dose last 50 households.

gee ... now you tell me.

Well, the upshot of it is simply this. That was what I had to do to get people visiting my blog. The way I'm hoping things work out is fairly simple. People, who visit my blog, will get the word out to others. By the bye, by clicking on that "envelope" icon, one brings up a page that encourages e-mailing the hyperlink to the article along with a personal message. It works! I know. I tried it.

Somewhere in this blog, there's a counter that indicates just how successful I am in attracting numerous visitors to my blog. Here, I should interject that I'm no longer passing out, higgly piggly, those fridge magnets to just about anybody. That phase is over and done with. Nowadays, only prospective product-promotion clients are getting them gratis.

And, as for that counter, it's found just underneath the article, which is just underneath this post. Wood'jah (?:) buh-leave! That latter post contains a segment of my one-act play with music, CRYSTAL STAR. Incidentally, this segment is the first of eleven.

As for why I keep publishing articles on this blog. Well, I figure people would appreciate having more reason to visit this blog than only viewing a pretty graphic.

....... he who is known as sefton

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

CRYSTAL STAR - segment 01 of eleven

Scene 1 – page 1


The audience sees a bare table, a chair, the back of a second, a small kitchen sink under a cupboard, small hot plate a little ways from the sink , and some bricks and cement in corner. The door opens, and a small, old man, warmly but shabbily dressed, enters. (The actor should portray this man as frail and very old, but at times, surprisingly spry.) A gentleman of the old school, he holds the door for a young girl, dressed bright and warm, for a crisp, autumn night.

Old Man: I can understand you young Americans only with a big deal of difficulty.

Young Girl What makes you say that?

Old Man: Outside, it is crisp autumn night, stars like little birthday candle flames.
***(Undoes his coat.)***

Young Girl: It is a pleasant evening. ***(Used to his manner, she turns her back to him and undoes her coat.)***

Old Man: Then, what is it that brings your mind to concern itself with grief, death and loss?

***(Starts helping her with her coat. A little shaky, he needs a little time to get her coat off.)***

Young Girl: I’ve already interviewed you on other matters, and I have asked around about you, so I’ve gotten to know you a little. ***(Starts slipping out of her coat.)***

Old Man: Mein Gott. You have asked around about me? As far as now, I had no suspicion that I had a gossip for company.

Young Girl: I was not in the least bit gossiping. I was doing research for my job as a reporter.

+ + + + + + + + + +

With the dialogue above, my one-act play begins. Several people have already read it. And in their considered opinion, the play deals with matters of God, retribution, resignation, justice.

And here's some legality:


Albert A. M. Stella
Published by
Deinotation-7 Press
Main Street Station - 0204
Susquehanna Depot, Penna

Purchase of this book in no way confers permission or license to produce or perform the play within. And the same goes for access to the text via the internet.

I dedicate this stage play to my parents - -

an Erie trackman and his wife Maria.

Copyright 1978 by Albert A. M. Stella

“All rights reserved. Neither the whole nor portions of this play may
be reproduced in any form or by any means, except for brief
quotations in a review, without the express written permission of the

Library of Congress Catalog Card No: 78-72152
“ISBN: 0-9602044-1-5”

And now, back to the dialogue

+ + + + + + +

Scene 1- page 2

Old Man: ***(Has her coat off by now.)*** “Research” you call it. Eh?

Young Girl: It’s necessary that I do it. That way I can get to know you so I can write a really good article.

Old Man: ***(Starts getting out of his coat.)*** How well do you think you know me now?

Young Girl: Well, I feel it’s time I found out your feelings on those things.

Old Man: Mein Gott. Why should a young girl like you care to wade into such subjects?
***(His manner should convey: ain’t – you - just – a – little – young – for – this? Grunts a little, when he finally gets his coat off, and then his face brightens.)***

Were your young man, that is it, were your young man here, your thoughts would be on livelier matters. Nicht wahr?

Young Girl: Really ***(Exasperated.)*** You should not tease a girl like that,

***(She scolds.)*** Rabbi Gottesmann.

Rabbi Gottesmann: You are right. Old people should not tease young people.
***(He should sound like he really feels justly reprimanded.)***
It is unfortunate that old people are granted few other earthly pleasures. Bitte, Miss Cliothal, bitte. Are you kind enough to excuse an old man.
***(Hangs coats on wall hooks.)***

Miss Cliothal: ***(with some amusement in her voice, besides she’s got to get on with her work,)*** Well, I didn’t mean to sound- - - - - - -

Scene 1- page 3

Rabbi: ***(Raises his hand to cut her off,)*** This is enough, come and let us have coffee. ***(Starts over to cupboard.)*** You will ascertain that our European coffee tastes a little different from yours.

Cliothal: To me, it tastes a little bitter.

Rabbi: ***(A little self-deprecatingly.)*** You mean to tell me that you did not enter our little village to share coffee with me.

Cliothal: ***(Getting serious now.)*** I came here to do my job as a reporter and share you with my readers.

Rabbi: Why, Miss Volumna Cliothal, ***(Patiently)*** why would your readers care to share one threadbare, elderly Jew?

Cliothal: To answer that question, I’ll have to tell you a little about yourself.

Rabbi: ***(By now, has the cupboard open and is fumbling for the jar. There’s a small hint of sarcasm when he says.)*** Very interesting. Perhaps you will tell me something I don’t know.

Cliothal: Before the terrible things that happened so recently to you Jews, ah,
***(Catches herself.)*** to your people, you wrote three books.

Rabbi: They only prove that I am not illiterate.

Cliothal: And you wrote them seemingly in such a short space of time.

Scene 1 - page 4

Rabbi: In those days, ***(Smiles a little here.)*** I was such a blabbermouth, so eager to share my jewels of wisdom with the world.

Cliothal: Anyway, because of those three books, you were known as the “guide star to Zion.”

Rabbi: It is not uncommon for Jews to write about settling in Palestine.

Cliothal ***(Settles herself into the chair nearer the door.)*** I read those books - - the passionate way you wrote is uncommon. ***(Starting to work up steam here.)***

Rabbi: Thank you. I feel very flattered. I had no idea my books were still read.

Volumna: You know very well they’re still read. I am here because they are still read.

Rabbi: Why should you be here just because my books are still read.

Volumna: Because many people believe and continue to believe they’ve found meaning for their lives from what you’ve written. However, when they find out about you, they find themselves speculating about what you really meant to say in your books.

Rabbi: For the sake of other people’s speculation, you have come thousands of kilometers to interview me.

Volumna: I am a reporter. It’s my job to get to the bottom of things and find answers.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
One very important note: no, absolutely no German accents in any of the English dialogue unless native to the actors. In no case, should Miss Cliothal have a German accent.

Scene 1 – page 5

Rabbi: So, who has a need for answers?

Volumna: Obviously, your readers.

Rabbi: ***(Shrugs it off.)*** Ach.

Volumna: ***(Let’s try a different tack.)*** Tell me. Doesn’t it seem odd that you leave people who use your writing as a guide to their lives “perplexed”?

Rabbi: How quaint! All on your own, no doubt, you have acquired some familiarity with Jewish traditions of scholarship. As for those readers, maybe they can avoid being perplexed by avoiding my books. Ja, maybe they should. ***(She can certainly be pestiferous.)*** ***(Looks pointedly at her.)***

Volumna: But can’t you see? You are living a contradiction! ***(The charge has been lodged.)***

Rabbi: I have never heard of a law against living contradictions. ***(Nonchalant as all out hell.)*** ***(Has all the stuff needed to make coffee at hand.)***

Volumma: ***(Her goat’s been got.)*** Maybe there should be.

Rabbi: ***(He’s just smirking.)***

Volunma: Here you are - - a rabbi and the author of three books urging Jews to settle in Palestine. And you deliberately choose to live in, of all places, here in Germany. Just kilometers away from any other Jewish person. ***(She’s quite spirited.)***

Scene 1 – page 6

Rabbi: Who should say I have a choice? Maybe I feel welcome here. ***(Flicks two teaspoons of coffee into the strainer.)***

Volumna: ***(This is going to come fast by clear. Consonants Distinct.)*** You, Rabbi Gottesmann, stop talking to me as I were retarded. I know for dead certain you have a choice. And anyway, how could you feel welcome here? Little boys used to torment you, and they didn’t stop until the local Communist party leader read the riot act to the parents.

Rabbi: ***(With new respect.)*** Ach, you American reporters can be thorough. I had no idea you would speak that way with Elsa.

Volumna: And do you want to know what she told me? ***(Said off-handedly.)***

Rabbi: ***(Not really, but you’re going to tell me anyway.)*** Yes, I am . .
***(Searches for an American expression.)*** - - all ears.

Volumna: Elsa thinks you stay here because you don’t want to fly over water.

Rabbi: For a Communist municipal secretary and drop hammer operator, she was always so delicately perceptive.

Volumna: Well, I don’t buy that. I know why you stay home. ***(She’s leading up to something.)***

Rabbi: Also glauben Sie darauf, Fraulein?

Volumna: You resent your daughter. ***(She’s thinking now – I – got – you, but she’s too polite to say “hate”.)***

Scene 1 – page 7

Rabbi: ***(Hits the hot plate with pot as he sets it down.)*** You young girls, you naïve young girls everywhere. ***(Too polite to say “stupid”.)*** you read two psychology articles in some how to cook and rub your mate happy magazine, and you think you ***(mustn’t let her get under his skin.)*** you know.

Volumna: Well, I know the story about your daughter. It would only be natural and expected for you to resent her.

Rabbi: ***(Mocking her.)*** Only natural and expected. ***(Then bitterly.)*** So easy it is for you to say that.

Volumna: ***(Cautiously.)*** Could there be something out of the ordinary involved here?

Rabbi: ***(Thoughtfully.)*** Out of the ordinary…. ***(Talking more to himself rather Volumna.)*** We had been so long married without a child that I resigned myself and ceased my prayers for a child. ***(Pause.)*** The radiance in her eyes, my wife’s eyes, when she told me God had granted my prayer. Ach, the concern in the doctor’s eye, when he told us it was so late to bring a child into the world. ***(His eyes fixed on Volumna.)*** That child is precious to me. I paid dearly to have her on this earth.

Volumna: If she means so much to you, why don’t you go with her to her home? Which is where you urged your people to settle.

Rabbi: I do not have the strength to make such a journey.

Scene 1: page 8

Volumna: Why would you need to be strong to fly there with your own daughter. You could have done so, a year and a half ago, isn’t that right?

Rabbi: It is impossible for me to leave certain matters undone.

Volumna: ***(Sensing something, but just a little eager.)*** What kind of matters are so important that you can not leave them undone?

Rabbi: ***(Evasive.)*** Do you find it difficult to believe that a poor, old man may have important things to accomplish?

Volumna: What I find difficult to believe is that you would casually refuse to go with your daughter. Yes, casually—as casually as your would refuse lemon with your tea.

Rabbi: Mein Gott, Miss Volumna Cliothal, the thorough reporter, why this inquisition about a visit my daughter paid me.

Volumna: She was her with her husband for more than just a visit. They came to bring you back home with them.

Rabbi: Who says that?

Volumna: Your friendly, local Communist municipal secretary – Elsa.

Rabbi: That is just Elsa’s opinion.

Volumna: On, for Chrissakes, the East German Government let them in for just that reason.

Rabbi: So, who knows why any government does what it does?

Scene 1: page 9

Volumna: Here you are—talking political science. Don’t you feel enough love for your family, the little that’s left to you, to be with them: your daughter, her husband, their child, -- your grand-daughter.

Rabbi: She is a beautiful, little girl. Would you like to see my pictures of her.

Volumna: Pictures!! Wouldn’t you like to see her? To hold her hand during a walk in the park. To watch her grow up. ***(Now one of those stupid, mean things said.)*** Or does she mean even less than your daughter?

***(Breathing heavily, the old man gropes for support, finds it, and then crumples.)***

Volumna: ***(Getting out of chair.)*** Please, Rabbi, forgive me. I’m so SORRY. I didn’t mean to cause you so much hurt. ***(Realizing what she’s done, she’s quite contrite.)***

Rabbi: Little Amerika girl, your hurt is endurable, endurable.

Volumna: It is late, Rabbi Gooesmann, perhaps you’d like to go to sleep. ***(Figuring she’s way over-stayed her welcome.)***

Rabbi: You are so young. Once I was young and foolish enough to want to understand so much so quick.

Volumna: It’s late. I can come back tomorrow afternoon, if you’d like for a short, final interview. ***(It’s probably best to leave the old man to his memories, dreams, whatever.)***

Scene 1: page 10

Rabbi: Sehr wahr, Volumna, it is late. This night, however, is a special night. Please stay with me and share some coffee.

Volumna: Why should this night be so special? Is there some sort of Jewish holiday tomarrow?

Rabbi: ***(Has had more than enough of her questions and so chooses t ignore it, straightens up and gathers the pot and two cups.)*** Please allow an old Rabbi a few small indulgences. Share a cup of coffee with me and let me for a few moments enjoy… ***(Momentarily fades out, then comes back in.)*** Ah, some good talk.
***(Waving her back into the chair.)*** Sit down, sit down.

Volumna: ***(She does so.)*** ***(She knows she’s touched a few chords in the old rabbi’s heart, and now she’s taking a new measure of the man as he pours the coffee for himself and her.)*** Good talk, Rabbi Gottesmann. ***(Neutral tone of voice.)*** You must really feel the need for some sort of talk tonight.

Rabbi: ***(Turn-about is fair play.)*** And what leads you to say that?

Volumna: You are so insistant about having coffee with me.

Rabbi: Why not stop playing reporter for a little while? Drink your coffee.

Volumna: Isn’t coffee frightfully expensive here in East Germany?

Scene 1: page 11

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Monday, March 13, 2006

gay and other absurd notions

Dear Mitchell, buddy:

It is indeed true that I "wove" a play with a gay strand. However, I don't think your circulation manager had somebody like me in mind. The best way to explain that last sentence is with an anecdote. And here goes.

Right after writing the aforementioned play titled KEYSTONE, I decided to try bringing it to the attention of gays and lesbians. Just so happens, a group of such people with a religious bent meet in a Methodist church on Main Street in Binghamton, New York. So, I figured those people might be interested in learning about KEYSTONE.

In the play, the "mcguffin" for the action is a stained-glass window that depicts the resurrection of Christ. Incidentally, it's never seen on stage. Anyway, the window is hailed by authorities as a masterpiece. The conflict arises from its being dedicated to the memory of a murdered gay young man. Although the congregation of the Seamless Robe--note the irony--church appreciates the window, some are, well, troubled by that dedication. And that, in turn, troubles the mother of that murder victim.

As I tried to describe the play and offer copies for its perusal, a few of the people asked me whether I shared their sexual orientation. I said no. From what I could tell, I wasn't being taken at my word. No, I didn't make a big fuss about it. I didn't see the sense.

Anyway, during some of the give-and-take taking place in the discussion about the play, somebody quipped about making a date with some member or other of the group. That irked me enough to blurt, "I wouldn't date any of you people". I think that got them halfway to believing me.

It's a good bet I got them the rest of the way by remarking, "Show me a compulsive queer baiter, and I'll show you a
despicable hypocrite." Oh, yes, you might like to know this. One the characters in my play strongly suggests by his actions that he's "that way". And lemme tell'ya. I have had to put up with people like that.

As for the enclosures, I sent them along as "credentials" to the effect that I am a serious writer, and I have something to say.

In closing, let me offer you a chance to read my play. Say but the word, and a copy of KEYSTONE will be on its way to you.

* * * * * * * *

The above text was contained in a letter that was sent, on 2001/11/29, to Mitchell White, the marketing director for S.P.L.L.C, which publishes The ADVOCATE. I think it would be fair to describe that magazine as a version of ESQUIRE for gay men ... I hope the good people at the latter periodical abide the description. ..
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dat wuz den ...
. . . . diz is now ...
gotta admit . . . .

My encounter with the people mentioned in my missive has proven educational ... heck, I've even changed my opinion about certain matters. Ah, dear Reader, did you notice the word in green. After due consideration, I believe that "pathetic" would've been more happily chosen.

In divulging the insights I gleaned from my encounter, I know it behooves me to avoid making unjustifiable generalizations. Just as not every, as yet virginal, African-American teenage female is destined to bear a child out of wedlock, neither is every "invert" on the hunt for ... ah, whatever it is in popular dyslore inverts do -- ahnghgh, 'nuf'sed'.

Still, I was handed enough evidence to adduce that INDIVIDUALS in that particular group had more than prayer and Bible study on their mind. For those individuals, that group also served as a "lonely hearts" club.

As I said, that encounter proved educational. Much like manifestly so heterosexuals, homosexuals can be susceptible to absurd notions about me. In as much as the people in that group were up front about their sexual orientation, I figured it was only right for me to declare mine. I also figured anything else in addition to my simple declaration of "not gay" was none of their business.

In the above letter to Mr White, I use the word "blurt". I know I got ticked off by taken for a liar ... yeah, there were other considerations in play, but discussing those is for another time and place.

eYep, much like manifestly so heterosexuals, homosexuals can be dumb enough to comport themselves, as if those absurd notions had a valid basis in fact.

. . . . well, at this point, maybe, I should own up to the fact that I do differ in certain respects from the so-called "madding crowd". For one thing, I'm a little brighter than average. According to one test I took to qualify for MENSA, I have plenty of "measurable smarts".

In rough terms, suppose I were to stand on a street corner, and count 99 (ninety-nine) passers-by. With the possible exception of one, I would have more measurable smarts than the remaining 98.

Another thing that makes me a tad different. Supposedly, I'm a victim of Asperger's Syndrome ... ah, that means nobody likes me. Dear Lord, I can adduce plenty of evidence for that.

And the list of what makes me different goes on. I take both pleasure and pride in being recommended for membership in Phi Theta Kappa by a community college instructor by reason of my being an "independent thinker". That means I think for myself.

And to top it all off, I am outspoken. What's more, I've lived my life in such a way that people take it as fact that whatever I say I honestly think.

lemme tell'ya true, a combination like the foregoing makes for a tough life. The philosopher Friedrich "Fritz" Nietzsche described people like me as "lonely, hungry, violent".

I don't even keep a cat. I subsist on franks and beans. More than once, I've had to throw hands.

It's true. My type of guy does not have friends ... admirers, maybe.

oooh, oooh, this I gotta share. If you, dear Reader, would scroll down my various posts, you'll soon come upon the one, wherein I avow there's a rumor going around about me .... aaaay, look for it, I'm sure you'll be entertained.

eYep, I gotta chuckle, what idiot would dare get up on their hind legs, and confute with something like: "That guy's a liar, that's NOT the real rumor. The REAL rumor is ... ."

.he who is known as sefton


one needs only condust cursory search via www.google.com, and in short order, one finds several sources. The various soures alleging, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has issued a religious decree that commends his Shi'a followers for murdering homosexuals in "the worst, most severe way". By the way, a few sources do cite documentation.

According to one source, the decree includes Sunni Muslims.

From what I can conjecture, the real target is not so much homosexuals. Rather, the old fart has in mind those, who are opposing with murder and terror the current Iraqi regime. Those people, supposedly, fall into various categories such as "jihadi", "insurgent" and my favorite "bedbug".

Likely enough, the average pious Shi'ite may have scruples against murdering in the worst, most severe way a fellow Muslim, even if that fellow Muslim is Sunni. Once that fellow Muslim gets assigned to the category of "fag", however, anything goes.

Before long, so I'm speculating, the media will be reporting that Shi'ite death squads are getting blamed for the torture and murder of captured jihadis, insurgents, bedbugs.

Truth be told, it would take a minor miracle to make me care even less than I already do about the rights of captured jihadis and insurgents and bedbugs under the Geneva conventions. Nonetheless, I do believe in the concept of fair warning.

And so, it would behoove the Arab media to inform those, who may be contemplating entering Iraq for the purpose of jihad, or even, say, for the sake of "Islamic dignity". If they get captured by Shi'ite militia, they will not die as martyrs to Islam. No, they will die tortured unto death as "queers".

By the bye, lesbians should also take note. Iraqi Shi'ite society is patriarchal. In general and at best, the male half begrudges the female half their aspirations for a fair shake. One should not be surprised by reports of women getting killed for being lesbians.

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