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Monday, July 09, 2007

congressional coup watch

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For no particular reason, I decided to revise the leading paragraph. So, here goes.

Some stand-up comic cracked a joke at the expense of then President William Jefferson Clingon. All "Slick Willie" needed to slip through a keyhole was a little "possum" grease on his enormous posterior.

The topic is such that it must begin on a scholarly but brief note. According to the man, who orchestrated the communist revolution in Russia, a successful revolution requires three conditions. That man, Vladimir Lenin, ticked them like so. One, the ruling class must no longer be able to govern, or dictate, or rule.

The other, the subservient classes must no longer be able to tolerate rule by the upper class. And here's the crucial condition, according to Lenin, there must exist a new class, who are ready and willing and able to take over. Okay, that finishes the brief note.

In American, there have been FOUR revolutions. Of course, every American is aware of the first one, namely, the Revolutionary War. In winning that war, colonial America became a country of thirteen independent states, held together under the Articles of Confederation.

The second revolution involves the replacement of those articles with the current Constitution, which begins with "We the people . . .". In the first revolution, the victorious third of the colonial ruling class expelled both the British military and American royalists. In the second, the ruling class established the means to implement, in a more thorough going manner, their governance of these United States.

The third revolution took place through the mechanism of the Civil War. The emergent industrial class subordinated the once dominant agricultural interests. If I may, I'd like to take a moment here to explain some of what is meant by my emblem for "historical patriotism", which is shown below.

Please note the turquoise tracing on that Confederate Battle Banner. It's deliberately meant to recall those graphic "no smoking" signs . .. ya'know, the lit cigarette in a bisected circle. As I offer elsewhere, had the Confederacy become a foreign independent nation, it is very likely according to some very authoritative historians, the world would've ended up, split between a victorious Nazi Germany and an Imperial Japan.

Now, onto the fourth revolution. That occurred during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The organized labor movement comprised some 40% of American working people, as a result.

In a way, the Second World War II enabled the then ruling class to beat back that revolution, and then shrink the size of organized labor. Now, here's where we get to the hot house, in which the future FIFTH revolution is now sprouting.

. . WOOD'JAH (?) BUH-LEAVE! . .

Depending on one's point of view, either the blame or credit for sprouting that revolution redounds to the "death taxers". For a while, the media reported on the efforts of activists, whose main goal is the repeal of inheritance taxes, or estate taxes. Thanks in large part to their support, the current American president as of this writing was able to win election and re-election.

Upon his entering the White House, he kept his end of the implicit bargain, signing into law the repeal of the "death tax". Pretty much simultaneously, he lied the country into an unnecessary war, the prosecution of which he and his coterie bungled.

As a result, the national debt skyrocketed, even worse than under Reagan. Well, the Good Lord must have a horrific sense of irony. From somewhere, the money to met even the interest on that debt . . . forget about paying off the principal . . . has to come. The bottom line, it is impossible to continue the repeal of the "death tax".

The way the author of this text sees it, nilly willy, the country will have to undergo serious alteration, really, tantamount to a fifth revolution. As the author has written elsewhere, before New Year's Eve rolls around, current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shall be the new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In no way, should anyone regard Speaker Pelosi as a modern-day Lenin, or even a revolutionary patriot Samuel Adams. Again, willy nilly, she shall find herself in circumstances, where she must take the lead in effecting drastic changes, or she may have to tolerate the occurrence of same.


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Heh, I count three prior revolutions and a fourth one to come

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