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Well, if you got here via the bi-chromatic Universe and "Dez", thanks. Their being available means they can be rented out, so to say, to vendors. For example, they'd be great in promoting pastries. Kids love cookies, so do adults. As for that ascending numeral three, it came about by way of ignorance. More than once, I'd see that same numeral with wings or a halo or both even on this or that pickup truck. And, dumb me, I'd think they were like golden horse shoes or four-leaf clovers ... good luck charms. It wasn't until later, I found out those threes are meant to commemorate one posthumously charismatic NASCAR driver. To inspire all those signs of grief, that guy might've had the makings for ... well, that's likely better left to the intuition of NASCAR votaries.

Monday, July 09, 2007

counter as minuend as of 2009/01/03

Website Counter

This is for you, my numerous devoted fans. By now, I've gone far beyond the fridge magnet. . .

As if to start out on a new path, I've decided to re-start my count . ..

count re-starts afternoon 2007/12/01 with 10403

just for my own info ... number of visitors ... 022
count re-starts afternoon 2007/12/22 with 10435

just for my own info .... number of visitors .... 012
count re-starts twilight 2008/01/13 with 10453

just for my own info .... number of visitors .... 377
count re-starts afternoon 2009/01/03 with 10833

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