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Friday, September 22, 2006

torture works

. . . okay, the squeamish are advised to skip the following text by clicking on this hyperlink ====> the corleone manifesto

Human nature being such, just how worthwhile the application of torture should prove depends, in directly proportional measure, on the number of reasonably mature subjects to be tortured.

In the instance that involves only one, or even two such subjects, the likelihood that torture will yield significant information is extremely small. When the number of subjects approaches more than, say, fifteen (15), the likelihood of success approaches metaphysical certainty. One constraint does apply. The large majority of such subjects must be engaged in clandestine activity they wish to remain so.

According to several authoritative scholars, the Nazis perfected the procedures to extract required information. After so much application of coercion during interrogation, with virtually no exceptions, subjects would break, and spout gibberish . . . id est, purposeful gibberish.

The subjects hoped the gibberish would sound plausible enough to induce, at least, some surcease in the application of torture. In as much as what the subjects believed was pure gibberish, they were confident that they were not betraying any clandestine material. With very few exceptions, each specimen of gibberish would include a jot of truth.

Items found to be in several specimens were duly noted. More often than not, those common items were material the subjects wished to keep clandestine. In further interrogation, reliance upon those common items would invariably prove justified in extracting more common items.

Eventually, after a month, two tops, of coercive interrogation, the whole story would be disclosed.

aaay, you, whyz.ache.err, you may not say that the squeamish were not forewarnted . . .

As for why I began this post the way I did, I have my reasons. And so, visitors, whose temperament can bear up to clear perception of the world as it truly exists, are invited to precede.

The way human nature works, the Arab masses will fault the Jews for failure to heed God's command. As far fetched as that future canard will go, it'll worsen to the point of lunacy. The Jews were sent by God and commanded by God to help the Arabs claim the moon for Islam, thus salvaging Arab acclaim. The stuff about the moon is elucidated farther down in the text.

For now, let's enjoy a bit of delicious irony. In response, the Jews will express abject regrets for such shameful failure . . . imagine, slighting (!) the Deity. Their only excuse being, the Jews were too busy thwarting annihilation by the very people they were supposed to be helping claim the moon for Islam.

No doubt about it, the foregoing has got to, at first reading, struck the average mature adult as crackpot inanity. Now that I think about it, a reasonable person would stop right there, shuddering at the thought of continuing. But then, who in the world ever (?) accused yours truly of being "reasonable"!

Anyway, here's what could've happned, had the Jews been allowed to help the Arabs claim the moon for Islam. Okay, here's a scenarion that's absolutely fictitious and has absolutely NOTHING to do with historical fact:

A space vehicle, embalzoned with the Islamic cresent plus that Judaic star, lands on the surface of the moon. Out of that vehicle, steps aome earthlin space explorer, named, just for the heck of it, Mohammed.

After walking a few steps, this particular Mohammed becomes the very first human being to perambulate on the moon. Then, he recites a couple fitting verses from the Qu'ran. That done, he lays a rug on the moon's surface, and with that "blue marble" in the background, kneels in prayer toward Mecca.

. . . ah, yes, my little chick-a-dees, what an irresistibly POWERFUL (!) message that Islamic lunar landing, had it only come about, would've sent the entire world . . . . ya'know, something like, maybe,


. . . ya'know, whyz.ache.err, in comparison, the moon's true status as a monument to American infidel technology is rather, well, workaday . . .

fictitious scenario divulged, I venture so far as to posit that, in the world of Islam, Israel hardly matters at all. So far as Muslim sensibilities go, it is permissible to arrange some sort of modus viviendi with the Jewish state. From little I know about the Qu'ran, I venture to say there is no religious duty per se to destroy Israel.

Elsewhere, I propound that Arab sensibilities were gravely wounded by this country's NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ADMINISTRATION. Through that agency, these United States of America defiled the moon. The instant the words . . . "the eagle has landed" . . . were heard on earth, that celestial body became a monument to American infidel technology.

"So (?) what!" . . . that pretty much captures in a nutshell the typical reaction of the typical American . . . "wasn't (?) that stepping onto the moon's surface supposed to be some sort'ah "giant leap for mankind".

. . . at this point, let's take a step back .
. .
Well, there's this really humongous attribute about Islam as a system of precepts, ideas, notions, concepts, ways of thought, cognitive configuration. A luminary in the Age of Reason, Rousseau profusely praised Islam for that attribute, in an oblique manner. And that attribute is CONSISTENCY. This is what is meant.

Suppose one considers any supposition that is accepted, in Islam, as a matter of faith. And then, one considers some other supposition that is likewise accepted, in Islam, as a matter of faith. Whatever pair of whatever suppositions one considers, contradiction is absent. The way the Muslim Faith works, supposition A is compatible with supposition B, which in turn is compatible with supposition C, which in turn is compatible with supposition D, et cetera.

Islam is a a mighty fortress of consistency, so Muslim scholarship avouches . . gotta admit . . . until recently, it was indeed a mighty fortress of consistency.

Here's what happened. The walls of that mighty fortress were brought down by an insidious weakness in that consistency. The validity of every supposition in the Muslim creed and spiritual orientation depends on the validity of every other supposition thereof. If just one single supposition is ruined . . . all I gotta say is keep a safe distance from the ensuing demolition . . .

* * * * in a twinkling, Islam underwent a metamorphosis . . . in a twinkling, Islam went from dynamic to antiquated . . . as for that vaunted consistency, well, in that same twinkling, it acquired all the charm and significance of clockwork novelty such as that of a Swiss cuckooclock * * * *

. . gotta admit . . . it took me years to understand why Avram insisted on rewinding the tape to view his favourite scene in his favourite movie THE THIRD MAN. In that scene, Harry Lime as portrayed by Orson Welles compares the grounds of emergence between the rinasscitio and the cuckoo clock

. . Thanks to the consistency, wrought by protracted Muslim scholarship, Islam reeks with the gadgetry, reminiscent of a Swiss cuckoo clock . . .

Islam, religious observances are scheduled by the phases of the moon. As far as the power of symbols, in their respective persuasions, are concerned, the cross of Christianity and the star of David in Judaism are weak, when compared with the moon in Islam.

One must remember the first two symbols are merely symbols, whereas the moon is both symbol and actual astral phenomenon.

. . . Muslim scholar I ain't . . . nonetheless, I think I know enough to conjecture that the moon is, in a sense, a sign post to a heaven or Paradise, which exists, in Islam, somehow as a physical actuality.

By contrast, over the centuries, Christianity's heaven has become, well, metaphysical, ethereal, non-corporeal, intangible. Given what little I know Judaism, I fall back on an anecdote about Jewish opinion. Put ten Jews in a room, and they'll emerge with eleven different opinions.

In short, by defiling the sign post to Paradise with that lunar landing, this country's NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ADMINISTRATION defiled Paradise.

. . . oh, if I wanted to, I could fill this space with all manner of simile and metaphor to elucidate the ignominy, under which Islam must now labor. But I won't. That's a task for other foolhards.

It may well be that in ACADEMIC Muslim theology itself, the moon remains pure and perfectly clear of defilement. Nonetheless, the fact remains. Instead of a Mohammad, it was a Neil, who was the first human being to walk on the moon. And Neil made his way to the moon via American infidel technology.

However one slices it, the moon is now a monument to American infidel technology. And today, Islamic religious practice and observance is scheduled by the phases of that monument to American infidel technology.

. . . by way of metaphor, that throws a monkey wrench into the virtually mechanical consistency of Islam. . . . here's a metaphor for one to ponder, consider Willie Nelson.

Nobody denies his talent as a singer, nor his genius as a song writer. Nonetheless, his singing the lead in the opera RIGOLETTO would be such a stretch as to constitute a four-alarm disaster.

As bad a fit Mr Nelson would make singing lead in that opera, the moon's being a monument to American INFIDEL technology makes for a cataclysm in Islam.

The way it works out, if just one single component in the matrix of Faith that is Islam is ruined, then the whole schmeer collapses in shambles.

The following may be an even more appropriate metaphor. In a clip from the movie CADDY SHACK, a matronly lady "gets the vapors" as she watches Bill Murray bite into a CHOCOLATE candy bar . . . keep the word "chocolate" in mind. In the immediately preceding clip, people are gathered around a swimming pool, and they're having a vivacious party.

To enhance the comic moment that's about to come to pass, when the camera focuses on the chocolate candy bar floating in the water, the background music is a snippet from the movie JAWS.

And that's about what happened to Islam.

In the post just underneath this, I speculate about what've been the targets, which were more to the point of the "for-real" grievance that motivated the gollums, who rammed those hi-jaked planes on nine/eleven . . .



. . oh, yeah, as for the graphic, what it's meant to symbolize is found in the post just below . . . happy perusal . . .

I do hope the average visitor to this blog realizes what I'm trying to say about Islam. I'm not saying "down with Islam" so much as "look at what that American INFIDEL lunar landing means for Islam". I think I crystalize what I'm trying to convey by relating a certain incident.

In some god-forsaken region of Afghanistan, some regular guy wanted to do something worthwhile that would benefit the local women. So, he set up and ran a school to teach young girls to read and write, and eventually become productive members of their society.

. . . he was found dead. Circumstances made it perfectly, he had been executed for helping women read and write. Now, let's focus on the people, who did the killing.

. . . in their mind, they're devout Muslims, preserving an ages-old tradition of life. In reality, they're bloodthirsty antiquated poltroons.


Were Avram still with us, so I'm cnjecturing, he would describe the situation as "divine irony". As for me, I think of the situation as "humongous April fool".

In view of recent events, this article raises several interesting questions about just (?) what are those little dears being taught!

Are (?) they being taught that Allah approves of suicide bombers, who with the purest of Muslim hearts kill non-combatant infidels, and even other Muslims, who adhere to a slightly different variant of their own Islamic faith. And there's more.

Are (?) they being taught that Allah goes so far as to bribe those suicide bombers with an eternal coupon for free nookie in a cathouse in the sky!


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