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Well, if you got here via the bi-chromatic Universe and "Dez", thanks. Their being available means they can be rented out, so to say, to vendors. For example, they'd be great in promoting pastries. Kids love cookies, so do adults. As for that ascending numeral three, it came about by way of ignorance. More than once, I'd see that same numeral with wings or a halo or both even on this or that pickup truck. And, dumb me, I'd think they were like golden horse shoes or four-leaf clovers ... good luck charms. It wasn't until later, I found out those threes are meant to commemorate one posthumously charismatic NASCAR driver. To inspire all those signs of grief, that guy might've had the makings for ... well, that's likely better left to the intuition of NASCAR votaries.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

the corleone manifesto

01 . . . we're stuck on this planet.

02 . . . we're stuck with this earth's limited resources.

03 . . . we're stuck with each other.

04*. . . what's above our heads and what's underneath our feet are small matters, compared to what is within us.
. . . . . * cribbed from Goethe

05#. . . principe inspires, practicality requires.
. . . . . # gratis he who is known as sefton

And just for the heck of it, I've appended this little essay, which is also found under blog entry with the same title in my myspace profile page:

"Rather recently, Asperger's syndrome has come to public attention. And not long ago, I was 'accused' . . . and that's the word I'm deliberately choosing . . . of being afflicted with the syndrome. After mulling over the validity of that accusation, I came to the conclusion . . . 'so (?) what!'. Truth be told, sometimes to my ear, it comes across as much as 'curse' as, say, 'diagnosis' . . . again, 'so (?) what!' . . .

"Rather recently, I had an epiphany about myself. I now believe there are three idiosyncrasies that have, over the years, made me a social misfit, if not outright pariah. I will divulge those idiosyncrasies, starting with the one, in which I take great pride. Time and time again, I have insisted on the right to know better today than I did yesterday.

"Quite candidly, I don't think that insistence, by itself, makes me a social misfit. The reason being, I've always been considered an "independent thinker". And that's putting it diplomatically. It's a mystery to me why, every once in a while, I get called a "mule-headed mick". One would think that, given a surname that ends in a vowel, my ethnic origin would be obvious.

"The second idiosyncrasy is my insistence on thinking for myself. More than once, that insistence has gotten me in situations, where I've had to throw hands. Incidentally, I do take pride in that insistence.

"It's the third idiosyncrasy, in which I'm forbidden to take pride. Really, it would be taking pride in being born with no more than ten toes and only one rectal orifice. Quite candidly, I am incapable of taking anybody, who dislikes me, all that seriously. That incapacity has for me a rather fortuitous consequence.

"Sometimes when I'm shaving and gazing in the mirror, I decide I just don't care all that much for the person, looking back at me. As a consequence of my incapacity and that occasional flash of dislike, I am incapable of taking myself all that seriously . . . oh, well, make of that what you will . . . .


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