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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

concluded second sefton potpourri

Absolutely nobody cared enough to ask me for my opinion. Really, one would think I would take a hint to keep it to myself. Anybody who thinks that has got to be a first-time visitor or densely naïve. Being both is not unheard of.

Somewhat to my chagrin, my rather perversely snide temper goaded me enough to burrow into my memory. In this case, I mean that portion, which is Coors befogged, Coors warped, Coors perforated, Coors impaired,Coors truncated . . . yea, even Coors blighted.

I went burrowing in hopes of pacifying that perversely snide temper by extracting enough recollection to justify my advancing a certain inference. Anyway, it's not so much something I care enough about to invest a great deal of cognitive capital.

More like, it has much more to do with what I think is a bunch of hints, tossed my way by some insalubrious male progeny of wretched canine maternity during one . . . or was it two, or three? no matter! . . . all-night dialogue, which was fueled by several six-packs of Coors. Maybe, I'm doing history a disservice by sparing the reader an exegesis on those hints, which I can barely recall. So what?! Let's slash to the cheese.

Sometime in the early 50s of the last century, the desecration of the Temple Mount was accomplished by some assassination, or other, in the al-Aqsa mosque.
. . . eYep, the above is the first item in this potpourri . . . chances are, the next item will deal with American domestic politics . . . dear visitor, y'all come back, rhaht?

. . . okay, the text above is the first item, now here's the second -

Well, it took a while but I did happen upon a provocative way to begin the reader's letter I had promised to submit to the PRESS & SUN-BULLETIN . . . here goes:
"In the glory of the heavens, wherein Allah reigns supreme, His Qu'ran and our calendar are now as one."

. . . eYep, you read it right, dear Reader. That's exactly how I'm planning to start that letter. It's a good guess that people familiar with my musings as I wear my philosophaster hat can readily guess what has to follow. Soon as I do write the letter, I'll publish it somewhere in this blog . . . pinky swear.

. . . oh, well, maybe next time, that item will deal with American domestic politics.

. . . I did it. I did submit that letter to the PRESS & SUN-BULLETIN. Here and Now, I should make the reader aware that I reserve the right to be smarter today than I was yesterday. And so, I changed my mind a little . . . oh, by the bye, this is that THIRD ITEM.

And as for the promised fourth item . . .

. . . here's hoping the corporate types, who run this country, have learned a valuable lesson the hard way . . . better a smart adversary than a stupid friend . . .

For the fifth item, I feel like jazzing up an earlier "bon mot". Electing politicians, who hate government, is not unlike putting a guy, who hates dogs, in charge of a dog kennel.

And now . . . ta'dah! . . . for the sixth item . . . yow'zah!

In my "moon stink" post, I got out on a limb by prognosticating that, eventually, a book with "imbecile" in the title will eventually be published. Well, I guess the way it'll work out for the American high jinks, now unfolding in Iraq, will be something like so. The adversary, who blunders less egregiously, wins.

Two factors are involved in that last statement. First off, the winning imbeciles chose the only battlefield, where victory was even remotely possible. Second, it would've impossible for them to choose a more accommodating enemy.

Here's how it works out. First off, the Kurds, who number about twenty percent (20%) of the population were already on the side of the imbeciles. Second, their common enemy alienated the Shi'a, who make up sixty percent (60%) of the population.

So, the gollums, fighting the imbeciles, effectively isolated themselves in the remaining twenty percent (20%) of the population.

Oh, yeah, here's the seventh item -

Outside of that last mention percentage, the average Iraqi thinks the American troops and their so-called coalition partners are nothing but a bunch of murderous thugs. So (?) what! It'll take murderous thugs to defeat the gollums.

Here's that eighth item -Each day, more and more people, who habitually click onto FOX NEWS are learning, the hard way undoubtedly, that there's much more to government than reducing taxes on those best able to afford paying, curtailing spending on programs for those most in need, and policing female genitalia.

. . . oh, yeah, here's the ninth item, the Palestinian people are unfortunate in their leadership. However, it's not so much because their leadership seldom misses an opportunity to blow off an opportunity. It's much worse than that. Ninety-nine (99) times out a hundred (100), given the chance to shoot themselves in the foot, Palestinian leadership has done so . . . in a heartbeat . . . cheerfully.

And the tenth item . . . I suspect that word about my "the supremes . . . GODLESS COMMIES!" prompted several visits . . . right here and now, I may as well confirm that I do have a snide sense of humor . . . maybe, I should revise the text therein to advise those visitors to peruse my "bubba da prez ..." post . . .

Okay, here's the promised eleventh item -

I think I have some feeling for how Zarathustra felt, just after his insightful irruption. Anyway, here's what I have to say with regard to the average Palestinian. Probably, such an individual, who's attained the conventional age of reason, would more readily concede Israel's right to exist than admit failure to seize a "once-in-a-millennium" opportunity.

now for that twelfth item -

. . . birds are the way they are because that's how their genes express themselves . . . bees are the way they are because their genes express themselves . . . maybe, political parties are the way they are because that's how their genes exoress themselves.

As for the Republican Party, might (?) it be that their inherent genes are most truthfully expressed by the current presidency!

thirteenth and concluding item -

. . in the manner of a bolt out of the blue, an insight took my breath away . .

In the movie PATTON, the actor portraying the general remarks that Americans love winners, and loathe losers. For my part, I suspect the same applies very much to the gorpes, who expended oodles of money to help Hezbollah ingratiate themselves with Lebanon's southern Shi'ites by means of a myriad of wonderful social services.

There's no denying what were the terms of the deal between Hezbollah and the gorpes in question. In return for that money, Hezbollah was to vex the Israelis. Oh, yes, along with the money, some weaponery was included in the deal. After all, it's pretty hard to vex an entire nation such as Israel, if all one has at hand is felafel.

After all the shooting and the bombing and the shelling stop, Hezbollah will be lucky, if they're allowed to keep pop guns. It was very uncool for their leadership to claim they would welcome WORLD WAR !!!.

Nope, that was very not so cool.

I'm willing to bet my five doughnuts against somebody's three that the powers that be are now looking askance at Hezbollah. It's one thing to vex a nation, it's quite another to threaten the whole world with the prospect of a nuclear winter.

The minute Hezbollah is bereft of the capacity to vex Israel, they'll also be bereft of the money, needed to fund that aforementioned myriad of wonderful social services. After all, why (?) should the aforementioned gorpes dump money down a rat hole, absent any prospect of service in return.

. . . talk about irony! . . . Just when the people, who benefited from the myriad of Hezbollah's social services, need those social services the most, they'll be lucky to get a C.A.R.E package . . . and likely enough, they'll be expected to pay for shipping and handling.

And to think, I was planning to write an item with the title, and I'm quoting,

"Did (?) Hezbollah fail to rescue (!) Islam"

oh, well, maybe, another time, I'll explore that theme.

.he who is known as sefton

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