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Sunday, April 30, 2006

sefton writes spielberg alchemicly

Likely enough, Steven, you're well acquainted with the hoary bromide: "hindsight is 20/20". Well, it's got some value in that it can feed speculation. Somewhere in the groves of academe, so I'm speculating, some aspiring psycho-historian is embellishing some thesis with a quote from your movie MUNICH. Maybe, the quote is being lifted from the scene, wherein a Palestinian "gollum" expresses the very human yearning for a homeland.

Take my word for it, Steven, good buddy, both thought and sacrifice, both in good measure along with a soupçon of chance, went into my cribbing from a fictive myth, the name of a character, ever so decidedly deserving of revulsion and mistrust and, finally, pity . . . ahnghgh, such an elongated sentence . . . more to come . . . sorry about that. In the following paragraphs, I shall intimate what alchemy must justify such pilfering.

If one's of such a mind, one may certainly call upon both theology and philosophy to posit that people as individuals can make choices, make a fatefully inescapable decision between mutually exclusive alternatives. Maybe, it's a bit of a stretch. Perhaps, one may hypothesize that religions, much like individuals, may be compelled by fate to make the occasional decision between mutually exclusive alternatives.

Thanks in large measure to somewhat bizarre tutelage, with some trepidation, I present for the dear Reader's consideration the following hypothesis. In a narrow window of the world's history, circumstances forced upon Islam the choice between mutually exclusive alternatives.

In the most exact terms, those mutually exclusive alternatives were either reach for the moon or cling to the site of a temple destroyed by the Romans, as they captured an ancient, even in their own time, city, holy to the three Abrahamic faiths.

In as much as I am unable to resist the temptation of indulgence in literary pyrotechnics, I'm now treating my numerous devoted fans to a previously planned leisurely preface. In the original plan, this piece was intended to rejoice under the title ... ah, drum roll ... "in the darkness, bind them".

I planned to start with text like so: "Between Islam and our American Pentagon, by way of fictive myth, there exists a connection. This bit of fanciful association began with televised clips of masked martyrdom aspirants in contumacious march towards murder by suicidal bombing, reveling in the cheers of their Palestinian compatriots.

For my part, I sat through all of the movie trilogy, based on Tolkien's fictive myth. Anyway, the masking and clothing of the suicide bombers reminded me of ring wraiths, entities once men debased by lust for power to ignominious and murderous servitude.

Elsewhere in pieces prior to this, I availed myself of the term "ghoul". Elsewhere, I justified to my own satisfaction the use of that concept to elucidate how, in one conspicuous instance, Palestinian adults went about processing their children into ghouls . . . ya'know, although LORD OF THE RINGS is only fictive myth, still, there's a hell'uva of commonality in essence between ring wraiths and ghouls.

I now affirm that I honestly believe one hell'va lot of alchemy went into enabling that processing. If I may, Steven, I should like to reveal how I sometimes feel about your line of work. Directing can be compared to alchemy. In that, alchemists concerned themselves not only with the reaction of the ingredients in their mortar, but also with the alignment of the stars. In your case, you have to worry about the disposition of prospective entertainment consumers.

For the big windup to delivery, I once planned to lead the dear Reader leisurely along a smooth path, as I connected Islam and our American Pentagon. Because preceding and unanticipated text has taken up so much space, I'm going with quick and dirty.

According to trustworthy sources, some group or other of islamist gollums, animated doubtlessly by the dementia senilis induced by their fetish, have as their goal the debasement of the entirety of humanity through engulfment in their psychotic manifestation of an Islam for "then and there". Not only is it psychotic, according to several authoritative scholars, it's also historically inaccurate, plus hostile to the spirit of the Prophet.

Just so happens, we have it on trustworthy authority that the intelligentsia, in the hire of the Pentagon, designates a certain portion of the world as "the gap" . . . really, those pointy-headed eggheads may just as well employ "the darkness" as the more heartfelt term of their ruminative art . . . ah, three guesses as to who are the denizens of that particular locale . . . first two don't count.

From here, let's make a leap of speculation. Let's muse about what could have motivated the Arabs, the Palestinians especially, to combat, shortly after the end of the Second World War in Europe, the migration of Jews into the Holy Land, supposedly promised to the patriarch Abraham by God. In time, one may suppose, scholars with authoritative credentials in the history of mass psychology will produce monographs and exegeses that purport to elucidate the phenomenon.

Well, according to one, most likely now deceased, insalubrious progeny of wretched canine maternity, it's all so simple. Those migrating Jews reeked with a scent that alerted Arabs to something profound. No, those were hardly the sort of the former that the latter had, for centuries, known and tolerated as neighbors, occasionally respectfully, often derisively . . . ah, yes, my chick-a-dees, this marks the beginning of that alchemy.

Decades earlier, the German philosophy Friedrich "Fritz" Nietzsche remarked with wholehearted admiration the élan vital of European Jewry of his day. One might, if one were of such a mind, posit that the experience of near annihilation must surely intensify to white-hot heat just such a visceral drive.

If so, then one might conjecture that the sheer preternatural wherewithal the migrating Jews brought into Palestine was awesome. Taking all that just one step further, one might reasonably surmise that they were presenting Islam with a "once-in-a-millennium" opportunity.

Elsewhere, I've written about what I mused could've followed, had Islam seized that opportunity. Likely enough, I wrote, only God could say for sure. Maybe, instead of a Neil being the first human being to walk on the moon, it might've been a Mohammed . . . cuhd'ah bin a con'tend'ah!.

Instead of accepting like manna from heaven those bearers of that preternatural wherewithal so necessary for an ascent to greatness, the Palestinians undertook the project of driving the Jews into the sea. That project forced the Israelis to thwart through bloodshed or vulpine guile, or both, various attempts to annihilate their state or engulf their children.

And all the foregoing back and forth did wonders for the alchemy that eventually produced the gollum multitude, so marvelously represented by that Palestinian in that movie.

. . . oh, by the bye, it's an axiom of Newtonian physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, taking that axiom as a clue to what may lie within the human heart, one may reasonably infer that the average Israeli would prefer passing on the question whether the average Palestinian has the soul of a gollum.

Quite likely, the average Israeli would be too embarrassed to answer in the affirmative, too self-respecting to answer in the negative.

From a recent event in India, one finds a hint to what, deep down inside, could've motivated the Palestinians. For a few centuries, a mosque stood on the site the mass of Hindus considered sanctified by the birth of one of their deities. It must be those Hindus resented very much the existence of that mosque, because a swarm of them demolished that mosque.

According to that, now most likely deceased, insalubrious male progeny of wretched canine maternity . . . at least, from what I glean from the bits and pieces of my encounters with Avram Beilitzsyn, I mean I can recall clearly enough to fashion into a whole . . . deep down inside, Palestinians as Muslims suspect that Jews resent the formers' appropriation of the Temple Mount, which was done without so much as a "by your leave" asked of the latter.

Likely enough, for all the former may conjecture with trepidation, the latter migrated to the allegedly promised land with an eye towards reclaiming the Temple Mount.

. . . . DID IT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY? . . .

So far as I'm concerned, I have neither the credentials nor the temper for such speculation. Elsewhere, I've written that I am adamantly adiaphorestic. I go so far as to compare theological argument to arguing about how many match sticks are in a matchbox that nobody has, whereabouts unknown, the very existence of which nobody can, with any certainty, confirm.

In spite of all that, I am so lonely that, for the sake of simple conversation with other human beings, I'll . . . OCCASIONALLY . . . tolerate speculation that involves ethereal matters.

In his STEPPING STONES, the author tried to alert the world to the preternatural wherewithal the survivors of the coming Holocaust would be bringing to their promised land. Upon being welcomed as siblings through the patriarch Abraham, the Jews would go about expending their internal treasure in wonders that would rival . . . heck, maybe, even dwarf . . . the pyramids.

Likely enough, as I've written earlier in this piece, only God could say for sure. Maybe, instead of a Neil being the first human being to walk on the moon, it might've been a Mohammed . . . cuhd'ah bin a contend'ah. In return for that, Islam would allow the Jews to reclaim peaceably their Temple Mount.

In spite of my being adiaphorestic, this I know all too damn well. For such to occur, the general run of humanity would necessarily have ascended to a far more elevated plateau of spirit. Quite candidly, I profoundly doubt such an ascension should even be attempted . . . just ain't feasible.

Trying to elevate the general run of humanity to such a plateau, in my considered opinion, would be like trying to set up a do-it-yourself koi pond on the summit of Mount Everest. Quite frankly, one would be doing the general run of humanity dirt by even pining aloud for such an ascension.

On the obverse of the coin, only gollums could expect the general run of humanity to cheerfully accept being bound in the darkness of the sort Tolkien intimated.

. . . oh, one final tidbit . . . elsewhere I wrote about how historians might compare the pair of negotiations undertaken between the Israelis and successive Palestinian authorities. In comparison with the negotiations, which circumstances will, sooner or later, compel whatever empowered Palestinian authorities to undertake, those negotiations undertaken by their predecessors were a piece of cake.

Turns out, I was wrong. Those predecessors enjoyed a seven-course meal at a five-star Parisian restaurant. And this was for a very simple reason. Circumstances allowed them to keep the Temple Mount off the table.

.he who is known as sefton

well, I gotta add a correction of sorts ... I was told by a colleague blogger that the Temple Mount belongs exclusively to the Muslims by the order of Mosche Dayan . . .

oh, alright (!) already, so it's a very discourteous comment . . . still, in as much as I describe myself as "adamantly adiaphorestic", it behooves me to affirm the essence of what I've written elsewhere with the following compound sentence, which is in quotes . . .

"show me that sapsucker who rejoices in the ownership of a consolation prize, and I'll show you one 'sorry ass' loser" . . .

oh, yeah, please be sure to look for "Greg", which is the hyperlink to that colleague's blog, in the fourth comment down . . .

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. . . ya'should'ah asked-- ahnghgh, f''g'git!

thanking you in advance,

.he who is known as sefton

. . . oh, by the bye, the "sacrificialstar" address is no longer valid

yes and yes again, I'm an authentic independent thinker . . . well, at least, that's the sobriquet bestowed upon me by the instructor at Broome Community College, who learned to hate me . . . "

* * * *

okay, the text just above the four asterisks is my text . . .

the text in quotes just below the four exclamation points is how the other blogger responded . . . read and enjoy

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^^^I have no idea what that means. It doesn't seem to be in any language I'm familiar with. If you are asking permission to leave a relevant comment, you already have it (that's why I allow comments). If you are asking for permission to copy a significant part of my blog somewhere else, read my copyright license
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okay, again, the text above the four underscores is how I'm listed as an "evil spammer" ...

must be, the above "open letter of sorts to Steven Spielberg" hit a nerve ...

that I got such a strong reaction gratifies me ... IMMENSELY ...

n'yah, dear Reader, you won't find the hyperlink to the other blogger's space ...

here's the thing about independent thinkers such as I ... we're notorious for a snide sense of humor . . .

3:31 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

"he who is known as Sefton": I'm quite a bit puzzled by your writing. I'm not at all sure what you're trying to say and whether any of this makes any sense. Your wizzardly in writing is quite astounding but take into consideration the fact that most people today aren't able to go on reading your texts for hours or even 10 minutes at a time. I suggest you make it (A LOT) simpler and to the point. Otherwise, I too, seem to lose track and don't get what you're trying to say.

Regards, Greg/Eitan.

(I prefer Greg--my American name).

2:54 PM  
Blogger he who is known as sefton said...


just to let you know, I deeply appreciate your response . . .

my only defense for the way I wrote the above post is that the concepts above require a certain manner of articulation . . .

in truth, if I want to avoid being false to the concepts, I must avail myself of certain modes of expression . . .

take my word for it, the concerns of readers such as yourself for easier legibility does matter to me, and yet I know darn well . . . I would be doing you and others like you a disservice by being false to the concepts . . .

when I was in college, trying to bend my brain around Nietzsche, I would do this, as I tackled his THE ANTI-CHRIST . . . I would take a chapter, say . . . first, I would glance through it, concentrating on gleaning an over-all impression . . . a couple hours later, after tackling differential equations, I would read a small portion of Nietzsche's text, and spend a few minutes ruminating on what I had just read . . .

I would love to report that the professor awarded me with an A, but all I got was a C . . . I avoided a D-minus by promising to stop dating his niece . . . easy promise to make, it was a blind date . . . and for the few times we danced, accompaniment by organ grinder would've been perfectly appropriate . . .

so what, I gained deeper insight into why Friedrich "Fritz" Nietzsche is, as his premier translater Walter Kaufman asserts, an "event" in human history . . .

ah, just to keep things clear, in no way, am I comparing my scribbling to Nietzsche's oeuvre . . .

it's sort'a like apples and oranges . . . maybe, more like trying to draw comparisons between "single A" ball and the "show", both quoted terms lifted from the movie

.he who is known as sefton

9:34 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Alexander: I think I understand what you're trying to say--though it's no easy task. You would rather get no comments at all then provide an a picture unfaithful to your standards. I respect that though personally I think it will be to no avail in the long run b/s if no one reads your posts, what's the point of putting so much work into them???

1:00 AM  

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