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Saturday, April 08, 2006

serious litmus test 4 lou dobbs

With this post, I hope to expand on the post that's located just below this one. First off, I realize now that I should've animadverted to consequences that may well flow from rescinding the citizenship of "anchor babies".

Let's suppose numerous such children, especially those now in their teen years, are deported, along with their parents, to their country of origin, say, Mexico.

In that case, we should prepare ourselves for some "future shock". When those deported anchor babies reach adulthood, they may, very likely, make Fidel's Cuban revolution feel like, in terms of "REALPOLITIK", a paper cut.

Not too long ago, our government under both President Eisenhower and his successor J.F.K expended much time and effort to engineer Fidel's overthrow. Nowadays, our college students find it difficult to believe that had to lead up to both this country and Russia avoiding "nuclear winter" by a whisker.

That said, I should now like to animadvert to protocol that, I am sure, shall do much to extirpate the incentive for aliens to enter this country as illegal immigrants. Before I reveal the protocol, I believe it behooves me to impart to you, dear Reader, a heads up. If this country adopts this protocol and then zealously implements same, howls will be raised by organizations, whose raison d'ĂȘtre is the civil rights and liberty of humanity.

. . . let's put it this way, if you think these United States of America is a world-class pariah, because of the hard-to-justify invasion and occupation of Iraq, br'dah, you ain't seen n't'n yet.

Here's half of the genesis for the protocol I have in mind. Social Services in the District of Columbia was being over-whelmed by the number of children, being born out of wedlock to women, who were already receiving welfare payments. To stem the tide, a requirement was imposed upon those women, if they wanted to continue receiving welfare payments.

They had to subject themselves to the hypodermic implantation of a capsule. Once implanted, the capsule would then dispense, over the following six months or so, a fluid that would forestall the attachment of a fertilized egg inside the uterus.

No, it doesn't take that much sagacity to suppose that requirement was dropped in a hurry.

Now for the succeeding half, that came by way of a 24-hour-news cable channel. For both convenience and enhancement of access security, a couple techs underwent . . . allegedly VOLUNTARILY . . . a procedure, which is similar to that mentioned in a preceding paragraph. In this latter case, no contraceptive fluid is dispensed. Instead, the capsule in question broadcasts identifying data, when stimulated by a certain radio frequency. When the appropriate module receives the relevant identifying data, access is granted to the tech, so identified.

It's a good bet that some of my more sagacious readers are already inferring the destination for this train of thought.

Let me begin by asserting that these United States of America is a nation that is governed by law, rather than by human caprice. To the extent that is true, some sort of judicial determination is necessarily involved. First, there must be judicial determination that a person, in custody, is indeed an illegal alien, who is either residing or working illegally in this country. Provided that no other charge can be levelled against that person, the relevant authority should begin deportation.

Okay, here's the pay-off.

Prior to being sent back to country of origin, the person being deported undergoes implantation of a capsule that is similar to the one, mentioned in a preceding paragraph. Besides identifying data, the capsule in question broadcasts personal history, relating to deportation.

True enough, once back in country of origin, it would be possible to remove that capsule. However, I surmise our anatomists can recommend surgical procedures that can readily implant the capsule, in a such a way that removal would require major surgery.

Over time, after the adoption of that protocol, it would become very easy for law enforcement, with the use of proper equipment, to "finger" people, who were previously deported.

. . . call it "idle speculation, if one must . . . still, I can envision certain fines being levied upon those, who employ previously deported illegal aliens. In this case, the fines might used to defray the national debt.

oh, yeah, I'd better put all my cards on the table, in as much as I'd like the voters in this Commonwealth's Tenth Congressional District to consider voting for me.

If elected to Congress, no and no again, I shall not introduce any bill that institutes the protocol. And I will refrain from doing so for very good cause. Truth be told, I am not foolhardy enough. The time for my doing anything like that was back at Penn State, when I started having doubts about the war in Vietnam.

. . . that reminds me . . . truth be told, I wouldn't mind the appearance of photos that show me at the head of a protest parade in Portland (OR).

Anyway, the way I understand the constraints within my circumstances, should I win election to the House of Representatives, I would be restricted to defending myself against verbal assaults by grievously offended talk radio magpies.

To all that, I say "Binghamton Fire Department" . . . bring'em on!

.he who is known as sefton

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oh, well, one may as well be hanged for a wolf as for a sheep . . . so, lemme cause the delicate souls amongst us to toss and turn, while in thrall to bad dreams. I shall now pose a horrible question . . . ah, after a little preparation.

During the Second World War, the German military put up one hell'uva fight. Despite all that effort required to conquer Europe and battle Russia, the Germans could still murder some six million (6,000,000) Jews plus millions of other victims such as Gypsies, homosexuals . . . and the list goes on.

By comparison, the United States has a much smaller task, with regard to stiffling islamic "bedbugs".

Okay, now for the horrible question.

If the Germans could murder six million Jews, why (?) should the Americans be incapable of deporting some eleven million (11,000,000) illegal immigrants!

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