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Monday, March 13, 2006

gay and other absurd notions

Dear Mitchell, buddy:

It is indeed true that I "wove" a play with a gay strand. However, I don't think your circulation manager had somebody like me in mind. The best way to explain that last sentence is with an anecdote. And here goes.

Right after writing the aforementioned play titled KEYSTONE, I decided to try bringing it to the attention of gays and lesbians. Just so happens, a group of such people with a religious bent meet in a Methodist church on Main Street in Binghamton, New York. So, I figured those people might be interested in learning about KEYSTONE.

In the play, the "mcguffin" for the action is a stained-glass window that depicts the resurrection of Christ. Incidentally, it's never seen on stage. Anyway, the window is hailed by authorities as a masterpiece. The conflict arises from its being dedicated to the memory of a murdered gay young man. Although the congregation of the Seamless Robe--note the irony--church appreciates the window, some are, well, troubled by that dedication. And that, in turn, troubles the mother of that murder victim.

As I tried to describe the play and offer copies for its perusal, a few of the people asked me whether I shared their sexual orientation. I said no. From what I could tell, I wasn't being taken at my word. No, I didn't make a big fuss about it. I didn't see the sense.

Anyway, during some of the give-and-take taking place in the discussion about the play, somebody quipped about making a date with some member or other of the group. That irked me enough to blurt, "I wouldn't date any of you people". I think that got them halfway to believing me.

It's a good bet I got them the rest of the way by remarking, "Show me a compulsive queer baiter, and I'll show you a
despicable hypocrite." Oh, yes, you might like to know this. One the characters in my play strongly suggests by his actions that he's "that way". And lemme tell'ya. I have had to put up with people like that.

As for the enclosures, I sent them along as "credentials" to the effect that I am a serious writer, and I have something to say.

In closing, let me offer you a chance to read my play. Say but the word, and a copy of KEYSTONE will be on its way to you.

* * * * * * * *

The above text was contained in a letter that was sent, on 2001/11/29, to Mitchell White, the marketing director for S.P.L.L.C, which publishes The ADVOCATE. I think it would be fair to describe that magazine as a version of ESQUIRE for gay men ... I hope the good people at the latter periodical abide the description. ..
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dat wuz den ...
. . . . diz is now ...
gotta admit . . . .

My encounter with the people mentioned in my missive has proven educational ... heck, I've even changed my opinion about certain matters. Ah, dear Reader, did you notice the word in green. After due consideration, I believe that "pathetic" would've been more happily chosen.

In divulging the insights I gleaned from my encounter, I know it behooves me to avoid making unjustifiable generalizations. Just as not every, as yet virginal, African-American teenage female is destined to bear a child out of wedlock, neither is every "invert" on the hunt for ... ah, whatever it is in popular dyslore inverts do -- ahnghgh, 'nuf'sed'.

Still, I was handed enough evidence to adduce that INDIVIDUALS in that particular group had more than prayer and Bible study on their mind. For those individuals, that group also served as a "lonely hearts" club.

As I said, that encounter proved educational. Much like manifestly so heterosexuals, homosexuals can be susceptible to absurd notions about me. In as much as the people in that group were up front about their sexual orientation, I figured it was only right for me to declare mine. I also figured anything else in addition to my simple declaration of "not gay" was none of their business.

In the above letter to Mr White, I use the word "blurt". I know I got ticked off by taken for a liar ... yeah, there were other considerations in play, but discussing those is for another time and place.

eYep, much like manifestly so heterosexuals, homosexuals can be dumb enough to comport themselves, as if those absurd notions had a valid basis in fact.

. . . . well, at this point, maybe, I should own up to the fact that I do differ in certain respects from the so-called "madding crowd". For one thing, I'm a little brighter than average. According to one test I took to qualify for MENSA, I have plenty of "measurable smarts".

In rough terms, suppose I were to stand on a street corner, and count 99 (ninety-nine) passers-by. With the possible exception of one, I would have more measurable smarts than the remaining 98.

Another thing that makes me a tad different. Supposedly, I'm a victim of Asperger's Syndrome ... ah, that means nobody likes me. Dear Lord, I can adduce plenty of evidence for that.

And the list of what makes me different goes on. I take both pleasure and pride in being recommended for membership in Phi Theta Kappa by a community college instructor by reason of my being an "independent thinker". That means I think for myself.

And to top it all off, I am outspoken. What's more, I've lived my life in such a way that people take it as fact that whatever I say I honestly think.

lemme tell'ya true, a combination like the foregoing makes for a tough life. The philosopher Friedrich "Fritz" Nietzsche described people like me as "lonely, hungry, violent".

I don't even keep a cat. I subsist on franks and beans. More than once, I've had to throw hands.

It's true. My type of guy does not have friends ... admirers, maybe.

oooh, oooh, this I gotta share. If you, dear Reader, would scroll down my various posts, you'll soon come upon the one, wherein I avow there's a rumor going around about me .... aaaay, look for it, I'm sure you'll be entertained.

eYep, I gotta chuckle, what idiot would dare get up on their hind legs, and confute with something like: "That guy's a liar, that's NOT the real rumor. The REAL rumor is ... ."

.he who is known as sefton


one needs only condust cursory search via, and in short order, one finds several sources. The various soures alleging, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has issued a religious decree that commends his Shi'a followers for murdering homosexuals in "the worst, most severe way". By the way, a few sources do cite documentation.

According to one source, the decree includes Sunni Muslims.

From what I can conjecture, the real target is not so much homosexuals. Rather, the old fart has in mind those, who are opposing with murder and terror the current Iraqi regime. Those people, supposedly, fall into various categories such as "jihadi", "insurgent" and my favorite "bedbug".

Likely enough, the average pious Shi'ite may have scruples against murdering in the worst, most severe way a fellow Muslim, even if that fellow Muslim is Sunni. Once that fellow Muslim gets assigned to the category of "fag", however, anything goes.

Before long, so I'm speculating, the media will be reporting that Shi'ite death squads are getting blamed for the torture and murder of captured jihadis, insurgents, bedbugs.

Truth be told, it would take a minor miracle to make me care even less than I already do about the rights of captured jihadis and insurgents and bedbugs under the Geneva conventions. Nonetheless, I do believe in the concept of fair warning.

And so, it would behoove the Arab media to inform those, who may be contemplating entering Iraq for the purpose of jihad, or even, say, for the sake of "Islamic dignity". If they get captured by Shi'ite militia, they will not die as martyrs to Islam. No, they will die tortured unto death as "queers".

By the bye, lesbians should also take note. Iraqi Shi'ite society is patriarchal. In general and at best, the male half begrudges the female half their aspirations for a fair shake. One should not be surprised by reports of women getting killed for being lesbians.

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Blogger Chief RZ said...

I wonder if Sistani will oppose the "invasion" and "desecration" of Jerusalem by homosexuals this year? Homosexual activity is a sin, just like many other sins. It needs to be admitted by those who are seriously interested in Church membership.
Accepting a gift of a piano from a bank robber presents about the same dilemma to some churches.

5:45 AM  

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