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Sunday, April 23, 2006

note to Press & Sun-Bulletin in "Greater Binghamton"

Talk about stupidity! In this instance, it plummets below flabbergasting, and into bone-freezing. Some Central Intelligence Agency employee got recently fired for cause of "leaking" to our national media the existence of that agency's "gulag".

oh, br'dah, as if that terminated employee were the solely possible source for a leak . . . .

For some time now, the C I A has, overseas, been clandestinely seizing people, with alleged connections to terrorist organizations. Those people are then, clandestinely, spirited away to clandestine prisons, and held stringently incommunicado, in fact, even denied access to legal representation.

One gets the impression that those, who manage the agency, must believe that those so imprisoned, somehow, beamed down from Mars, about five minutes being taken into custody. Well, that's hardly the case.

For the moment, let's put aside the allegations that those unfortunates have connections to this or that terrorist organization. For the moment, let's consider far more likely circumstances.

Thanks to their being human, those people held in clandestine incarceration have family such as spouses, siblings, , children, parents . . . cousins, even. And those later people have got to be wondering what could've happened to those so mysteriously vanished. Again, for the moment, let's put aside the allegations of connection to this or that terrorist organization.

It's a good bet, some of those family members contacted their local bureau for missing persons. In short order, those people complied with regulations, and filed reports, listing such items as name and description of missing person, plus place last seen. Well, there's one source, if not dozens of such, for a "leak" about vanished people with alleged connections to terrorist organizations.

Ah, yes, let's consider the people, who are employed by the Central Intelligence Agency to manage and maintain those prisons. Well, somebody has to prepare the food that's consumed by those clandestinely imprisoned. Somebody has to enter those prisons to perform the duties of custodial technician. And let's keep in mind that somebody has to guard the prisoners to ensure continued incarceration.

Funny thing about people, they talk. And they talk. And they talk. I mean the average kitchen colander's got fewer leaks. And the word gets around. My five doughnuts to somebody's three, the average Mongolian yak skinner heard about the American gulag a year . . . at least . . . before the good people at FOX so-called NEWS.

The wonder is not so much that the leaks finally reached the American media. The wonder is that it took so long.

.he who is known as sefton

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