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Monday, May 08, 2006

the first sefton potpourri, with five items

While cruising along, I had my car filled with commentary, being broadcast by P.B. S. The people at the mic were interviewing average Palestinians to ascertain their views about their new Hams-dominated Palestinian Authority, and the financial straits thereof.

One Palestinian, living in the unofficial capitol of Ramallah, allowed that Palestinians in general were enduring tough times. This particular individual expressed the hope that a deal could be negotiated with the Israelis, which would then lead to an easing of those tough times.

The guy said it so casually, as if such a deal could come about in an afternoon during a couple rounds of tea. I had to suppress a chuckle that was evoked by that poor sapsucker's naïveté.

Elsewhere, I've written about the comparison between how the new Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority would find negotiating with the Israelis, and how the Palestinian Authority under Yassar found negotiating with the Israelis. Bottom line with regard to the comparison, Yassar enjoyed a piece of cake.

Turns out, I was wrong. Yassar enjoyed a seven-course dinner at a five-star Parisian restaurant.

When Yassar was negotiating with the Israelis, they had it somewhere in the back of their mind that he was temporizing. As soon as he had the chance to carry out the destruction of their state, so the Israelis suspected, he'd go about it with a vengeance.

Well, when in the eyes of the Israelis, Yassar confirmed their worst suspicions, they went about in deadly earnest dropping the kibosh on his ambitions. Result being, when the new Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority begins negotiating with the Israelis, the latter will presume that the former is emulating Ysssar's temporizing.

an' that ain't the half of it . . .

There's something else, a bugaboo firmly lodged up the average Israeli's rectal passage. Well, just so happens, it's something the average Israeli is too embarrassed to admit.

Well, during a segment on some cable news channel, the Palestinian Authority, then still under Yassar, was shown tolerating the trafficking in certain illustrated cards. Kids in the States trade in baseball cards, kids over there were trading in cards that show the results of suicide bombers.

For the sake of those with delicate feelings, let's skip the grisly details, flaunted on those cards that were being so gleefully traded by Palestinian children. Kids, lucky enough to accumulate a certain number of those cards, could then swap them for a bicycle.

Here's the thing. Such a swap would've been impossible without ADULT sponsorship, without MAJORITY adult approval. At the very least, that's prima facie evidence for anyone, looking for evidence about . . ..

Here let's slash to the cheese. Ostensibly, Palestinians then were raising their children to be GHOULS. Well, if it takes a village to raise a child, then it follows that it takes a village of ghouls to raise a ghoul. It might be possible that . . . ahnghgh, f'g'git.

Here it is in all its shameful glory. The average Israeli believes, so I'm surmising, that the average Palestinian has the soul of a ghoul.

Maybe, later, I'll lay out an exegesis about ...
the above is the first item, now here's the second one:
Here's one positive comment that can be justifiably attached to the presidency of George Bush fils. Maybe, the American public had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Nonetheless, they are learning. The lesson being, it is foolish to expect politicians, who hate government, to govern well.
here's the third item
somebody's just going to love this third item
at the moment the Pentagon is referring to the troubles with so-called Muslims, bent on destroying the West, as the "Long War".

Elsewhere in this blog, I believe I've vindicated the term the "gollum war".
. . . ta'dah! . . . the fourth item

. . . for my part, I wish now I had written "might've been" rather than "could've been" . . . also for my part, even though the good people at The PRESS & SUN-BULLETIN would likely excise the following Joycean finale, I still wish I had submitted this additional text ". . . cuhd'dah bin a con'ten'dah!".

oh, well, such is life

and now for an elucidation of the above item -

first, we need to orient ourselves with facts that impinge on astronomy, and even, believe it or not, astrology. Here's fact one. Orthodox Christianity reckons their holy days by the Julian calendar. By the way, that calendar is solar, which means it is formally determined by the sun's travel through the heavens. The Julian calendar was replaced by Latin Christianity with the Gregorian calendar, also solar.

Islam, on the other hand, relies on a lunar calendar, which is determined by the phases of the moon.

. . . now that we got that orientation out of the way, let's slash to the cheese.

A couple decades ago, the first message sent earth from the moon was this text, and I quote, "the eagle has landed". That was the explicit message, here's the implicit message, and I quote, "From now on in, whenever people on earth gaze up at the moon, they will be gazing up at a monument to American technology, and ultimately to the United States of America."

. . . rhetorical question, what's that got to do with Islam? . . .

At this point, dear Reader, before continuing here, take a moment to peruse the above item. Here's what I was trying to get at.

Had Islam welcomed the migration of the Jews back to the land promised their common patriarch by "he who is is", Islam would have seized a "once-in-a-millennium" opportunity. Granted, the prospect of having a Muslim being the first human being to walk on the moon was extremely slender, at best. Nonetheless, that prospect would've existed, had Islam welcomed the survivors of that European Holocaust.

Unfortunately for the prospective glory of Islam, Muslims went about destroying that prospect with a vengeance.

Nowadays, when our commentators deplore the consequences of Muslim attempts to destroy Israel, they pretty much confirm themselves to rather prosaic matters.

Should a commentator say, and I'm quoting, "Had the Muslims welcomed the Jews, today they would have an educational system that's the envy of the world."

To that, Muslims would respond, and I'm quoting, "We can get that, after we destroy Israel."

Should a commentator say, and I'm quoting, "Had the Muslims welcomed the Jews, today they would be reveling in a deluge of artistic and cultural advancement."

To that, Muslims would respond, and I'm quoting, "We can get that, after we destroy Israel."

Should a commentator say, and I'm quoting, "Had the Muslims welcomed the Jews, today they would be so prosperous that childhood obesity might be a problem".

To that, Muslims would respond, and I'm quoting, "We can get that, after we destroy Israel."

Granted, after destroying Israel, Muslims can get all the above.

However, there's no getting the moon as a monument to Islam, even if they somehow obliterate Israel. That prospect they obliterated about 60 (sixty) years ago..

. . . here the good Reader might like to recall this item's preceding text about astronomy and astrology and calendars.

Here's the bottom line to all that, Islam must bear under two ignominies. One, the daily routine of the Faithful is regulated by the phases of a monument to American infidel technology, and ultimately to the infidel United States of America. The other, the Temple Mount has all the significance of a consolation prize.

.he who is known as sefton

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Blogger Greg said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Alexander. You hit the bullseye. It's strange to find people living outside of Israel are for a good part more educated and more logical than are most modern Israelis.

p.s. For G-d's sakes, please don't let them get the Temple Mount...oh whoops they already have...

9:43 AM  

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