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Monday, June 05, 2006

moon stink whupt gollum butt

More than just for the heck of it, this post's opening passages resonate with the drollery of its title. Years and years ago, I espied a rather charming aphorism in the office of Oregon State University's most notable Communist . . . oh, what a wonderful geezer, Professor Goheen was!

In my eye of memory, I can see the quaint calligraphy . . .

A jot of nonsense,
every now and then,
is relished
by the wisest of men.

Oh, yes, at this point, I feel obligated to alert you, dear Reader, that the concept of "wisdom" will eventually rear its rather singular head. For now, however, let's indulge in a little more drollery with a joke that abut, metaphorically speaking, on the notion of "whupt". Let's start with a question:
. . . How (?) does one tell the Pollack at the cock fight.
And the answer is, "He's the guy who brought the duck."
. . . How (?) does one tell the Italian at the cock fight.
And the answer is, "He's the guy who bets on the duck."
. . . How (?) does one know the Mafia has an interest in the fight.

And the answer is, "The duck wins."

For a moment, let's try to infer the reactions of those, who with a snigger bet against the duck. C'mon, it's gotta reasonable to infer puzzlement, indignation . . . perhaps, even chagrin. Manifestly, only a sucker takes such an obvious sucker bet.

Taking that inference just a step further, we can conjecture how Muslims reacted to their defeats at the hands of the Israelis. Even when they catch the Israelis by surprise, as during the Yom Kippur War, they still lose. By rights, the state of Israel should today be relegated to the history books as a "GONE WITH THE WIND" phantasm.

Elsewhere, I've avowed that, within a narrow window of history, fate had imposed upon Islam a choice between mutually exclusive alternatives. Choosing one meant obviating the other.

In a manner of speaking, let's slash to the cheese. The choice Islam made has led to the necessity of bearing up under several ignominies. One springs from the scent the moon must exude for centuries to come. I mean the scent of "macho TOP GUN 'need for speed'", ever since that first message from the moon to the earth, and I'm quoting, "the eagle has landed."

That means the religious observance of the Faithful is on a timetable that's determined by the phases of a monument to American infidel technology, ultimately to the infidel United States of America. Had Islam chosen the other alternative, maybe, that first message could've been, and I'm quoting by way of supposition, "In the glory of the heavens, wherein Allan reigns supreme, His Qu'ran and our calendar are as one."

Yeah, I do mention another ignominy, but let's refrain from pouring it on. Instead, lemme focus on the IMPLICIT meaning of this piece's title. By "moon stink", I'm referring to the United States of America. People, familiar with American rural dialect, recognize "whupt" as the past tense of "whip". As for "gollum", that'll come up later.

Elsewhere, I aver that the average Israeli is too embarrassed to concur with a certain statement. That statement being, the average Palestinian has the soul of a gollum. And the average Israeli is too self-respecting to demur.

By reasonable extension, "gollum" may be applied to those Muslims, who would welcome the destruction of Israel. And if one goes one more step, the killing of a major operative for al Qaeda in Iraq by a couple five-hundred-pound bombs means the killing of a major gollum. Oh, by the way, people, who are familiar with LORD OF THE RINGS, are well aware of that term's connotations.

Again, let's slash to the cheese, eventually some brash glory hound of a history will pen an exegesis of the American triumph in Iraq. If the historian in question is an American, likely enough, the title will be something like so, "HOW OUR IMBECILES WON THE 'GOLLUM' WAR". If the historian in question is a Muslim, likely enough, the title will be something like so, "WHY OUR GALLANT HOLY WARRIORS CHOSE TO SPARE THE IRAQI PEOPLE FURTHER BLOODSHED" . . . yeah, sure.

. . . eYep, it all could've been avoided, had Islam opted for that other alternative.

Again, elsewhere, I come close to claiming that Islam's opting for that other alternative would've had to depend on a certain circumstance. Specifically, the general run of humanity would've had to inhabit a much loftier plateau of spirit than then . . . and than now.

Adiaphorestic me, I say, "Just as well". Expecting the general run of humanity to inhabit such a plateau would be expecting koi to thrive in a pond, set up by some "do-it-yours" doofus on the summit of Mount Everest.

At the moment, the general run of Islam is being roiled by the very existence of the state of Israel. . . . Well, with regard to that, I say to those people, to whom it concerns, "oh, br'dah, you ain't seen n't'in yet." In an easily foreseeable future, the general run of Islam will be royally roiled.

Okay, now that I got the average reader to this point, I like indulging in a little philosophaster musing. This easily foreseeable future will raise questions about "spirituality". Here's the thing.

Let's entertain the notion that Islam opted for the obviated alternative. And that led to a first message from the moon, redolent with frankincense and myrrh. In that case, Islam would've been allowed to enjoy a century, or more, of continuous "gender peace". Of course, there will be those, who'll toss around such terms as "female oppression", "patriarchal tyranny", "dictatorship of testosterone", et cetera.

Yes and yes again, the good people at the "hear, O Israel" blog have yet to grant me formal permission to forge a hyperlink to the relevant post there. To that, I say, "So (?) what!" I'm a wonderful person, whose most illustrious virtue is my awe-inspiring humility. Anyway, the hyperlink will be found just underneath the closing endorsement.

As for me, who am known as sefton, I'm predicting some glory hound of a newly minted philosophy professor will write a book, the title of which will be something like, "PROLEGOMENA TO ANY FUTURE EMPIRICAL SPIRITUALITY" . . . bastard, anyway . . . will I get so much (?) as a mention in a footnote! . . . doan'be an ass!

. . . yeah, I'm bitter . . . I have a right to be . . . I have a right to sing the blues. There are simply way too few years left to me, during which I can accumulate the necessary academic credentials to undertake such a task . . . and don't even (!) think of throwing of Immanuel Kant in my face.

.he who is known as sefton

click on, probe about, and depending on your orientation, either welcome or deplore


reviewing the tail end this post, I'm compelled to exhale with a "wow!"

The next time I write something about the Middle East, I'll be sure to comply with the following protocol. First off, I shall refrain writing the piece directly in my blog. Instead, I'll write on a separate word processor. And then, after I finish writing, I shall let it "age" for a few days, before I dare take it up again.

Just to reassure my numerous devoted fans, I'm writing this in a coolly deliberative mood. I'm deliberately allowing the original text to remain as I first published it . . . in a word STET. Certainly, I can easily revise the above. And that's what people should expect of a regular blogger. In my case, however, revision post factum would smack of "cheating".

Besides, I'm standing by my prognostication that something like the aforementioned "prolegomena" will be penned by some brash glory hound, with a newly minted philosophy doctorate. I suppose I should make like a gentleman, and wish all the best for that individual. Take my word for it. That freshly ordained philosophy professor will need lots and lots and lots of intellectual stamina. In no way, do I envy that bastard that task.

Just to prove that I am in a coolly deliberative mood, I shall now animadvert to that incident, wherein some teenage girl is videotaped screaming for her deceased father, killed by a wayward artillery shell. Evidently, the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority claims that clip justifies tossing explosives into Israel with rudely fabricated rockets.Well, I saw that clip, thanks to some cable news channel.

. . . ya'know, I had no idea there may well be a film school in Berlin. The technique reminded me more of Weimar impressionism than Scorsese. However, some cineastes might be justified to aver Italian neorealism.

. . HERE I STAND . . .

Yes and yes again, I believe members of an innocent Palestinian family were killed and injured . . . there's some dispute about just whose explosive was the immediate cause . . . maybe, errant Israeli artillery shell, maybe, mis-placed Palestinian land mine . . .

Still, I strongly suspect that effrontery took place in the contrivance of that "news" clilp . . . one would think that somebody would be trying to comfort that grieving young woman, rather than videocording her grief . . .

Maybe, my recall of previous attempts by Palestinian gollums to exploit other painful incidents coloured my intuition . . .

What follows is going to be a little elaborated, so, please, dear Reader, have a little patience . . .

The topic concerns so-called martyrs, who commit murder by suicidally detonating explosives inside a bus, crammed with non-combatant civilians. It's one thing for an adult, who's say eighteen (18) years old, to do so . . . however horrible such an act may be . . .

It's an even worse offense . . . I'd say to the point of nauseating . . . to indoctrinate small children to the end they'll admire such martyrs, and even aspire to carry out such murders.

Here's how Palestinian gollums deepened my adiaphorestic temper. Somehow, some small boy, I guess no more than eleven years old, got killed during a contretemps with Israeli authorities. yeah and yeah again, likely enough, the Palestinian authorities staged an elaborate funeral for the kid . . .

And then, Palestinian media broadcast an interview with the kid, who was allegedly enjoying his new residence in Paradise. In case, dear Reader, you missed the point, please allow me to elucidate. Palestinian media were broadcasting an interview with a kid, who had BEFOREHAND already died and gone to heaven.

Maybe, that broadcast was for the benefit of some few adults, dumb enough to believe such an interview was possible. Nonetheless, the implication is unavoidable. That broadcast was meant to convince unsuspecteding kids to expect some sort of celestial reward by murderous martyrdom . . .

. . . thank God, I'm adiaphorestic . . .

oh, yeah, and now for the maraschino cherry on top of the sundae . . .

even al-Jazeera agrees that a certain gollum got taken out by a couple five-hundred-pount bombs . . . here's the thing in that nobody's talking about the sex of the pilots, who delivered the bombs . . . ya'know, they could've been female.

scavenger hunt continues . . .

yes and yes again, I did comply with the protocol with regard to this inserted text. And I'm glad I did. Funny, is it not? Thousands of Palestinians have, over the years, sacrificed life and limb and even decency for the sake of destroying Israel. And yet, the average Palestinian, who's attained the conventional age of reason, would more readily concede Israel's right to exist than admit the failure to sieze a "once-in-a-millennium" opportunity.

somewhere farther on down in this blog, there's another item in this scavenger hunt . . . happy hunting!

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Blogger Greg said...

I'll ponder your "average Israeli" statement for soem time befere givign you an educated answer. As for this post, do I have your permission to provide a link to it on my site?

4:22 PM  
Blogger Freedomnow said...

Oh my goodness this is the most pretentious post in all of blogger history. Its actually pretty damn well written too. You are a talented writer.

Stay off the crack...

4:16 PM  

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