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Well, if you got here via the bi-chromatic Universe and "Dez", thanks. Their being available means they can be rented out, so to say, to vendors. For example, they'd be great in promoting pastries. Kids love cookies, so do adults. As for that ascending numeral three, it came about by way of ignorance. More than once, I'd see that same numeral with wings or a halo or both even on this or that pickup truck. And, dumb me, I'd think they were like golden horse shoes or four-leaf clovers ... good luck charms. It wasn't until later, I found out those threes are meant to commemorate one posthumously charismatic NASCAR driver. To inspire all those signs of grief, that guy might've had the makings for ... well, that's likely better left to the intuition of NASCAR votaries.

Monday, April 14, 2008

let your customers to love you, adopt universe and "dez"

First-time visitors to this blog should be alerted to this simple fact about this very first post. It's a "traveling" post, which is placed just above the most recently published post. In this case, it's titled "congressional coup watch". As of right now, specifically 2007/07/09,

I've only begun writing it. I'm starting it off with a graphic of a reader's letter to the newspaper of record for the twin tiers of New York and northeast Pennsylvania. For no particular reason, I've added a revision of that letter's first paragraph. It's a good bet the reader will enjoy a chuckle.

. . . Great News! I did more than just add more text . . . I'm proposing a way out of a constitutional imbroglio in a reader's letter to that same periodical. It shouldn't take the visitor long to find the "m├ęsalliance with corrosion" blog . . .

. . . And more great news! I've appended more text, some of which has cosmically comic aspect.

Eventually, I'll divulge what I'm reading in the tea leaves, concerning the repercussions in store for this country's right wing. Take my word for it. They ain't gonna be pleasant.

And some more good news, I hope, I've appended more text to my very first blog, titled "the corleone manifesto" . . .

Let's start
with a
romantic take
on why
wears those
rosy sunglasses. Turns out, I was told that she wants to see the
world through the lenses of
love ...

Anyway, it all started with the movie FOXES, in which Jodie Foster appeared as a member of a pack of teeny-boppers. Back then, Jodie had yet to start the transition from kitten to cat. In one scene, Jodie and her packmates are washing plastic dolls as, I guess, part of a high school class in infant care. The camera and the dialogue make it very clear that these young ladies feel they have other and much better things to do.

Here's what I was hearing in the back of my mind, something like so: "When they have babies of their own, care (?) to guess what they'll fall back on."

I spend very little time, if any, with social workers. But according to some reports, some of them struggle mightily to hold back tears, as they speak about the sorry state of child care skills that is found in so many households ... "9 1 1 NANNY", anyone?

Well, I decided it would be a good idea to somehow popularize the notion that parenting skills can be learned. Myself, I would recommend that the learning should start a couple years before puberty. The idea was that Universe and "Dez" would appear in two-minute segments of animation that would be broadcast, as part of local television programming for children.

Take my word for it. More than once, I tried battering through brick walls to realize my idea. And all I got for my efforts was a bloody scalp.

And then, it happened!

I got smart.

Those two bi-chromatic kids would make for great advertising. It wouldn't be all that difficult to use them to sell cookies, and other stuff that would be appropriate to children's interests and activities. As for other stuff, I was thinking ice cream, bowling, college savings plans, and even home entertainment systems ... aaaay, you, whyz.ache.err, why (?) not female radio personalities!

Some people, wise to the advertising game, might wonder whether it would be possible for cartoon characters to sell something as abstract as college savings plans. Here's the thing about parents of small children. Mommy and Daddy yield all too easily to the temptation to talk about their little darlings.

Just as an aside, do beginning parents ever (?) realize just how annoying is their putting their giggly toddlers on the phone! Well, lemme clue ya, the callers at the other end think the darndest things.

Back to Mommy and Daddy, what's more, the temptation to mention what they're doing for their little darlings is virtually irresistible

ya'known, who'da'tunk (?) dat yellow Peanuts bird could sell home owner's insurance.

By the bye, I haven't given up on the idea that Universe and "Dez" will eventually be used to introduce children to the idea that parenting skills can be learned. In the meanwhile, they're available for advertising various types of products. Interested vendors are encouraged to contact the "legal guardian", me A Alexander Stella. I can be reached at this e-mail address:


or by landline at

....... (570)853-3050.

Some readers may recognize the graphic as one that appears on refrigerator magnets. To get the word about my blog, I resorted to passing those magnets out to all sorts of people. For those of you interested in statistics, here's what I'm conjecturing happened to, say, 400 (four hundred) such magnets. By the bye, I passed out more than that ... but let's keep the math simple.

I'm guessing that half of the 400 was tossed aside. In monetary terms, $600 (six hundred dollars) went down the drain. Now let's focus on the remaining 200 (two hundred) -- at this point, somebody wise to the mechanics of advertising may well be yelling,

"Hold on there. Just how do you know that ONLY (?) two hundred (200) of your cockamamie refrigerator magnets got tossed aside."

ya'know, that's a good question. Well, let's put it this way. At first, please permit my regaling the dear Reader with a literary allusion, say, "practicality, my dear Watson, practicality". And I'm backing that up with a wager of my five doughnuts to somebody's three that 200 were not tossed aside for a very good reason.

Just so happens, women use such magnets to stick notes on their refrigerator door to remind her beloved that Thursday is garbage day ... so, it would be only nice to take same out to the curb, before leaving for work. Now, let's continue.

Likely enough, half (100) of those remaining 200 ended up in households that neither have immediate Internet access in the home nor care all that much about the Internet. Remember, my blog "he who is known as sefton" has to be reached through the Internet. In monetary terms, $300 went down the drain.

Now, let's focus on the 100 that ended up on refrigerators in households, whose members do have immediate access to the Internet, or do indeed spend considerable time in exploring the Internet. One would think that my money, some $300, finally paid off.

Think again, my little chick-a-dees, members in half of those households, some 50, pass up visiting my blog. Okay, that's $150 dollars down the drain.

gee, mis'tah, ya'should'ah spent only $150 (one hundred and fifty bucks) on only 50 of dose fridge doo-hickeys, an' given dem out to only dose last 50 households.

gee ... now you tell me.

Well, the upshot of it is simply this. That was what I had to do to get people visiting my blog. The way I'm hoping things work out is fairly simple. People, who visit my blog, will get the word out to others. By the bye, by clicking on that "envelope" icon, one brings up a page that encourages e-mailing the hyperlink to the article along with a personal message. It works! I know. I tried it.

Somewhere in this blog, there's a counter that indicates just how successful I am in attracting numerous visitors to my blog. Here, I should interject that I'm no longer passing out, higgly piggly, those fridge magnets to just about anybody. That phase is over and done with. Nowadays, only prospective product-promotion clients are getting them gratis.

By the bye, this is the "traveling" post for Universe and her little brother. People, who'd like their comments to remain relevant to this post, are advised to search for the "Universe and 'Dez'" post in the stationary slot.

As for why I keep publishing articles on this blog. Well, I figure people would appreciate having more reason to visit this blog than only viewing a pretty graphic.

. . . ./
he who is known as sefton

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

gleanings from myspace website .. 01

.. my OPEN LETTER to CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR ..First off, the expected accolades, your broadcast work as a journalist has been top notch. Your Peabody Award, which is bestowed annually by the Grady College of the University of Georgia, was well earned. Chances are, Christiane, you'll be awarded one or two more for your "God's Warriors" series.
For my part, I do hope you'll remember during an interview to impart the following parable . . . eYep, that's the word "parable".
Whatever our beliefs, we benighted humans are incapable of getting to the heart of God . . . in whatever manner, "getting" is meant. Here's a little tidbit for rather ethereal speculation.
A chorus master has recently moved into town, and wants to establish a chorus. And so, singers are recruited. The chorus master is dismayed. Each and every singer has the exact voice and timbre as each and every other singer.
For certain pieces, it makes for a nice effect. But the chorus master wants a LIVELY chorus. Such a chorus requires a variety of voices such as alto, bass, tenor, soprano et cetera.
Now let us recall that we benighted human beings are incapable of getting to the heart of God . . . in whatever sense, "getting" is meant. For all we know, God considers the various religions as voices in a grand celestial chorus.
So, if the Deity wants a LIVELY chorus, who (?) among us cares to tell the Almighty no!


. . . IT'S TRUE . . . I took out a classified ad in PIPE DREAM, which is a newspaper, published during the academic year, and allegedly so by Binghamton University students . . . recently, my doubts about that periodical's "real" publishers have impelled me to employ the word "allegedly" . . . oh, well, I'm guessing the foregoing text in FUSCHIA is about all I may prudently say . . . I have no wish to emulate Don Imus . . .Okay, the graphic just underneath this maroon text is a memento of my attending a presentation delivered by former Army Captain James Yee, who served at "gitmo" as a Muslim chaplain . . . well, I was the last member of the audience to speak during the "open mic" period.
And I do believe now civilian Yee was thrown for a loop . . . that was achieved with a remark of mine, regarding "bedbugs" . . . elucidation is found in the blog entry, titled "the way human nature works" . . .
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. . . and here's a sequel of sorts . . .

Well, there's a reason for why I'm directing visitors to pull up my "corleone manifesto" blog entry rather the seemingly more approriate "Pelosi" blog. So far, I've inserted the manifesto as a comment in over 1,000 (one thousand) profile pages.

After some thought, I decided it's more important set people on the path, if they're not already, to planetary awareness.

And with regard to the text in the graphic immediately, I dearly wish I could advance this rather outrageous claim. It's this letter that swayed the good Senator Larry "not gay" Craig into re-considering his decision to resign his office.

And as for the "juice", well, I admit to being put out by the insensitivity of the good editors at the regional newspaper of record. Still, I have to grant they did allow the INDISPENSABLE message to be available to their readers.

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* * * * * * *

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The above sweat shirt was put on eBay with a starting bid of ninety-nine cents ($0.99). And nobody, I mean absolutely nobody bit .. ah, BID on it. Maybe, the appearance of my proposed design for an emblem to honor "historical patriotism" was the turn-off ... oh, well such is life.

No and no again, I did NOT consume any sort of hallucinogen. Nor did I ever, when I was attending some university, "drop acid". What you, dear visitor, are about to read was ... please let me assure you ... written in a state of icy sobriety.

Nowadays, predicting the presidential succession of current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hardly seems daring. Now I'm predicting the three major actions, undertaken by President Pelosi.

First being, and it's a "lead pipe cinch", she'll begin the withdrawal of American military from Iraq. Second, she'll effect construction of a truly formidable fence between this country and Mexico. She'll do so for two major reasons.

Reason one, it'll show up the Republican Party as feckless and ineffectual. Reason two, it'll attract the support of "mom and pop" conservatives, thus assuring her election in 2008.

And here's the third major action, she'll nominate former Vice President Al Gore as her vice president.

. wood'jah (?) buh-leave! .

Manifesting their freedom from taint as "lap dog" for the Bush Administration, the proprietors of an emphatically partisan profile page have not only added my profile page, but have even added a comment of mine. Just so happens, this particular profile page rejoices under "The Nancy Pelosi Watch Dog Group!"

So far as I'm concerned, the existence of this profile page serves as corroboration for my prediction, quod vide, my blog entry "Speaker Pelosi, President Nancy". In this regard, I have in mind a certain adage. That being, forthcoming events cast their shadows.

As for how you, dear visitor, may visit this page, there are two ways to do so. Somewhere in Comments, you'll find that profile page. Those, who are somewhat more curious, should consider searching in pages 97 through 99 in my friends collection.

. . . ya'know, it just might be these good people are exceptions to the rule . . . from what I can tell, partisan Republican mentality is enthralled by the following phantasm . . . specifically, whatever is good for the Republican party is good for the country . . . from what what I can tell, this mentality confounds party with country . . . in a way, the country is an extension of the party . . . I strongly suspect entertaining the proposition "what's good for the country is good for the Republican Party" might be considered "crime think" . . . toodles ..

okay, here's what I'm reading in the tea leaves . . . . . .

I want to explain how it's not only possible . . . yeah even likely . . . that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on destiny's road to becoming first woman president of the United States. And it all has to do with a guy, who makes Cap'n Ahab look faltering wuss. And I mean Special Counsel Patrick J Fitzgerald, who's now roasting the goose of some poor sapsucker, who's stuck with a kid's nickname "Scooter".

Where Special Counsel Ken Starr failed, Fitzgerald intends to succeed. One may ask just how (?) determined is this Fitzgerald. . . . well, lemme put it this way: If Fitzgerald wants to hang somebody's scalp from his belt, that somebody had better pull up www.bestdoctors.com, and then look for those physicians, who can treat abrupt scalp removal.

No doubt in my mind, that mick is gunning for "shrub" and "little dickie sunshine" simultaneously. The way succession works, if the president becomes incapacitated, the vice president succeeds. Now let's suppose both are simultaneously incapacitated. In that case, the Speaker of the House succeeds to the office of President of the United States . . .

. . . oh, by the bye, I did start the topic elsewhere, specifically,

Before I conclude I need to make a few things clear. First, nobody should ever consider me a latter-day Nostradamus. Second, I'm told I should leave myself an out, when it comes to making "startling" predictions. In which case, here's my "out", which is lifted from the teevee scifi series BABYLON 5. Predictions that come true are prophecy; those that don't are metaphor . . . ahnghgh.

Nonetheless, I'm still willing to wager five doughnuts to somebody's three. By the time New Year's Eve rolls along, a woman, whose ensemble always includes a pearl necklace, will occupy the Oval Office. . . . incidentally, I like lemon filled, boston cream and blueberry cake.


. . . ./

he who is known as sefton

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