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Saturday, September 03, 2005

CRYSTAL STAR - segment 09

well, I decided to publish my one-act play CRYSTAL STAR in piece, and in the manner of "last in, first out". Dear Reader, if you'll look through the following articles, you'll find the concluding segments I've published. It takes only a little investigation to discern that I've published the last few pages in the concluding segment. In the segment before that, I've published the few preceding pages. In this segment, I'm publishing page 80 and the first song of my one-act play with music. The text in green is meant to explain how I'm publishing this play.

As for the text in brown, it's what's published.

Scene 6 - 80

Rabbi and Joachim: *** (They grip each other's shoulder.)***

Joachim: ***(With a sad smile, stage whispers.)***
_________ Sale juif.

Joachim and Volumna: ***(After the two men break, Joachim reaches out and strokes her hair a couple times. She freezes than yields slightly. That over, he goes over to the door.)*****

__________ Lebewohl, Rabbi Gottesmann. Good night, Miss Cliothal.

******** (Joachim walks out the door, closing it behind. After five seconds, the audience hears "Halt", and then two quick shots. All this while, the rabbi, still holding the knive, and the girl touch elbows. After five more seconds of quiet, a third and final shot resounds and ends
******* in total darkness.)*******



First song of the show: the music has lots of gemutliechkeit, genial give-and-take, friends' affection.

(Heinrich sings.) ------ (Joachim sings.)
More than comrades ---- right or wrong

(Both sing.)
We are soul mates
Steel bound our fates.

Joachim sings.)
Held by trust and - - - and honor strong

Joachim and Heinrich sing.)
Though boys we are

(Now Fritz sings.)
Fate lit our star.

(All three sing.)
Hazard's children - - - spirit born
Band of brothers
Like no others.

(Joachim sings.) - - - (Heinriech sings.)
For sure we are - - - fear we'll scorn

(Both sing.)
As one, we'll fight
(Fritz sings.)
With honor bright.

(Finally, Hans sings.)
Bound together?? - - - forever??

(The other boys sing this, while joining right hands.)
For sure, it's true.

(Hans joins his hand with theirs and sings.)
I'm one with you.

Copyright (C) 1978 by Albert A.M. Stella

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