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Saturday, July 30, 2005

illegals and "jihadis"

For the past couple weeks, I've been posting 3by5 notices on the Town Restaurant's bulletin board ... and drawing strange looks. This particular coffee shop is located in the Pennsylvania municipality of Susquehanna Depot. On each 3by5 card, I've been inscribing text like so:

"In favor of Minuteman Project ...

publicity stunt? .... MAYBE ...

citizens' response to

illegal immigration

... CERTAINLY .... "

By the way, I've taken care to note that I have no affiliation with the Minuteman Project. Speaking of taking care, I shall in time pontificate on the one monumental and crucial difference between Minuteman volunteers and America-hating "jihadis" in Iraq. Wood'ja (?) buh-leave! Both shudder at the same horror. Prologue done, let's segue to where I pilfer from the vault of American popular cinema.

Surely, my numerous and devoted fans suspect, and have the right to do so, that I have a few surprises up my sleeve. By reason of expedience, I'm starting with an illustration, drawn from American popular cinema. And I mean popular with both the lay public and the cineastes. At the Academy Awards, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO racked up a bunch. Whenever Julie Christie appears on that movie's screen, the camera sings her praises.

Oh, yes, I should alert readers that this movie depicts events, largely fictitious, that take place during the Communist Revolution in Russia. At the time of these events, the communists also known as the reds are in a life-and-death struggle with the whites, naturally enough, the anti-communists. And the issue is in doubt.

In one clip, the city of Moscow is shown almost frozen stiff in a typical Russian winter. The situation is so dire that wood for warmth is more desired than gold. Just as gold attracts theft, so does wood in that time and place. The person, narrating the particulars about the clip, is a future comrade general. And he's been ordered to shoot on the spot anybody he catches stealing wood. In so many words, he explains how come the reds are justified in issuing the orders he's resolved to obey. "One man stealing wood is a tragedy. A million men stealing wood is a catastrophe."

Well, the movie makes it very clear that the reds are resolved on winning their revolution. And they're in no mood for any catastrophe. Likely enough, the average movie patron might suppose there could be dire consequences for the future comrade general, should he fail to shoot anybody he catches stealing wood. One way to put it, four walls for punishment are three too many.

For now, let's stick with movies. Let's suppose we're movie producers with a budget big enough to hire Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead. Oh, alright (!) already, so I'm asking my readers to stretch their imagination a little. I'm sure they can do it, even if they have to strain a little.

So, we produce a movie that shows a character with a magnetic personality, and born and bred in a country, other than the United States. This particular person is resolved on fleeing poverty and oppression. With pluck and gumption and a winning smile, our leading character enters the United States. Yes, this newly minted immigrant is a sure-fire societal asset. As the movie segues to the closing credits, the background music is stirring, and the typical audience for such entertainment fare emotionally welcomes the potential societal asset.

In summary, we can agree that one undocumented alien taking up residence in this country can become a societal asset. But how about a million?

For a moment, let's speculate a little about the mindset of the average Minuteman volunteer. Likely enough, such a volunteer would enjoy the movie we metaphorically produced. Heck, we did such a bang-up job, the volunteer even sheds a tear or two before the closing credits roll. In this the real world, however, we have to slash to the cheese.

The volunteer has to allow that quantity alters quality, sometimes drastically. One illegal immigrant presents one situation, beautiful material for a wonderful movie, maybe, even a date-night movie. Unfortunately, nonetheless, a million illegal immigrants present a totally different situation, a catastrophe in the making. No doubt about it, Minuteman volunteers are patriots. They dear love their country. As best as they can express this love, they affirm they wish only to protect and serve the country, which these United States is.

Oh, alright (!) already, so, I'm taking a shocking liberty. So what?! I'm sure the average reader will survive nicely enough, thank you. In addition, my numerous devoted fans will understand perfectly ... bless their ever-loving hearts! Here's a bit of editorializing. Our president, as I am writing this piece, solidified ... I mean in steel-reinforced concrete ... his standing of "dumb'ya". Whatever possessed him to call the Minuteman volunteers "vigilantes" is beyond me. And he's supposed to be the politician that his critics "mis-underestimate". The vigilantes can vote, whereas undocumented aliens, despite residing in this country, can't. Remember, dear reader, you got it here first, ah, provided that is, it comes to pass. Shortly after the 2006 elections, one shouldn't be surprised to see petition drives, demanding dumb'ya's vacating the White House.

Funny thing, though, I suspect the vast majority of those so-called vigilantes lack the capacity to articulate what they've already achieved.

Here's where we make a bone-rattling leap. We are going to peer into the heart of an average America-hating "jihadi", who's taken up arms. So fervent as these jihadis in their hatred, some have even committed suicide to battle what they consider infidel occupiers of the sacred Arab land of Iraq.

True enough, I don't have a degree in depth psychology, much less a license to practice psychotherapy of any sort. Heck, I don't even speak a word of Arabic. And yet, I dare infer what horrifying thought animates these jihadis. Some of our pundits have opined that the jihadis are motivated by an obscene spin-off from their religion. That could be true to a certain extent. Anybody, who's content with that explanation, could be sold the Brooklyn Bridge ... a second time.

Much like the Minuteman volunteers, I doubt the vast majority of the jihadis can even articulate the terrible thought that's driving them. Here I am, daring to infer such. Deep down, this is what both believe. The world that has a place for them is dying ... dig the irony! ... and the world that's being born will have no place for them.

As for the jihadis, it could be possible that the vast majority of them can get along well enough in this new world. Nevertheless, they don't want to. So far as they're concerned, entering this new world voluntarily would mean the death of their soul. Our of despair, they resolve to go down fighting.

For absolutely no reason I can conveniently adduce, I shall now pontificate on the monumental and crucial difference between the jihadis and our Minuteman Project volunteers. Deep down inside ... dig the irony! ... both shudder before the same horror. Just to re-iterate, the world that has a place for them is dying, and the world that's being born will have no place for them. What could be the big difference between the two?

Of course, the most obvious difference is the method of their response to their respective situations. Anybody, who settles for just that, would cheerfully swap a grimy and tattered dollar bill for a shiny bright dime. Here's the difference. The Minuteman volunteers may well allow that the world that's being born will, likely enough, have no place for them. So what?! They've taken the first step to ensure that this new world, which is just over the horizon, shall have a place for their children.

.....he who is known as sefton

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Blogger redrockturtle said...

i would give my life to preserve the way of life we have here for my child as i beleive there is none better any place on the planet and if that makes me crazy or exteremist so be it. go for it sefton what you said here stirs my heart and mind to act even if it is too late, save us from those of us who would remain passive in the face of attack on our nation. thank you

2:46 PM  
Blogger he who is known as sefton said...

Well, this is for redrockturtle from "he who is known as sefton".

Yes, I would like a chance to meet with you.

I take it you're familiar with my hometown of Susquehanna, and Mike's coffee shop The Town Restaurant on Main street.

If you're serious, all you need is inquire at the counter, and ask for the guy, who has a "prematuely" gray crew cut and hangs with the rich cable guy and some other with one big potbelly.

From there, it should be easy enough to get my phone number.

. .\
. he who is known as sefton

10:41 AM  

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