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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"cute enough"

When paying a young woman a compliment, a young man is well advised to steer clear of "cute enough". Prepare for much longer sentence. On the other hand, "cute enough" may very well be required of a young woman, who's hoping to be hired as a receptionist at the Montrose outpost of the TIMES SHAMROCK WEEKLY GROUP. You were warned. On second thought, "optimally beautiful" may very well be a much more diplomatic turn of phrase.

A little while back, I took out a classified ad with the help of the current receptionist. From what I could tell, the young woman was favored by both nature and nurture with socially advantageous traits. I mean traits such as a pleasant enough personality, a pleasant enough manner, and adequate competence. I think my facial expression was non-committal enough, when she made that compartment of my personality with inner ear whinge. Exactly as the word "depot" is spelled, she enunciated "dee-PAHT". As I said, "adequate competence".

Later on, she demonstrated competence a tad better than adequate. Her facial expression was non-committal enough, when I asked for an actual journalist. In less than three minutes, my request was granted with the appearance of the editor of The SUSQUEHANNA WEEKLY INDEPENDENT. Anyway, I told the editor, a lady by the name of Susan Gesford, what I had come upon, as I went cruising around South Montrose in my 1999 Grand Am. Ascending Mill Street for a mile or so from the over-hanging blinking caution light, one finds a lot with a pair of monuments.

One of them is a rather imposing affair with several marble slabs and a block topped off with a plaque. There is no ignoring the resemblance with Stonehenge. The plaque declares the site as a memorial. On the slabs, one can find inscribed the names of the people, who had perished in the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. Off to the side, one finds the more modest half of the pair, and it honors the memory of one Daniel Crisman. According to the weekly's editor, his mother used the money the government granted the victims' survivors to set up the monuments.

It must be so. That compartment of my personality with inner ear possesses memory. Somehow, I'm recalling a note of pride in Susan's voice, as she mentioned how members of Deb Crisman's community pitched in to help erect the monuments. The editor mentioned that the marble slabs had been donated. What's more, her nephew tends to the grass. Now that I think about it, the grass was like one would expect on the golf greens of an exclusive country club. Indisputably, it's a beautiful piece of earth with impressive tokens of love and grief. For no particular reason, I was cynically touched by a poster, proclaiming "Pouvoir la paix prevaut sur la terre." Oh,yeah, the e should in prevaut should be acute.

As for me, I'm a tech type. Every so often, I sit with two chums in the Town Restaurant in Susquehanna Depot. And I listen to them discuss batteries. Yes, I mean those objects people stick in flashlights and smoke detectors. As a tech type, I'm inclined to seek solutions to problems. Truth be told, it bothers me that the Daniel Crisman Park seems to be so easily over-looked. Granted, it is out of the way. I suspect the only time people in any great number visit is on the anniversary of 9/11.

From out of the blue, an idea came to me. Years ago, I read an article about a designer, tasked with promoting a brand of very expensive perfume. Anyway, the designer had to meet a deadline to submit some sort of promotional material to a magazine. The perfume in question was so expensive that the only appropriate advertising medium was a magazine likewise expensive. I mean the magazine in question gets hand delivered by messenger to people, with enough wherewithal for Rolex wrist chronometers and comprehensive coverage on Aston Martins. For the designer, coming up with the appropriate advertisement was quite a problem.

Half of the solution the designer hit upon was a crystal receptacle, an exquisite crystal receptacle. What do I mean by "exquisite"? Well, let's put it this. Let's suppose I'm taking in the sights in some advertising hall of fame, and then I find that receptacle being depicted in a portrait in oils. Would I be surprised? Not one bit. Here's another rhetorical question. How you suppose I apply my Burberry Brit? Answer: with a reciprocating press-down atomizer. By way of contrast, the crystal receptacle came with a crystal stopper. Evidently, the perfume in question was way too good to be sprayed on. It was meant to be dabbed on. Eminently worthy of a portrait in oils, the crystal receptacle was one half of the solution.

As for the other half, the crystal receptacle was photographed by somebody with a name like Avedon. And the photo was reproduced in a full page ad with absolutely no text, whatsoever. It must be so. People, who receive the magazine, would just know the perfume is great stuff. For all I know, they'd order it at the counter, in much the same way the way kids used to ask for penny candy by pointing and saying, "one ah dose, two ah dem".

With regards to getting people acquainted with Daniel Crisman Park, I think some like that designer's concept would help. People, who are familiar with the topography of Susquehanna Depot, can visualize the municipality's business section as two tiers. In the "hole", one finds the Shops Plaza. Up on the "shelf", one finds Main Street. Between the two, one finds a wall, whose magnitude is pretty large.

For my part, I can envision artists depicting the Park's monuments on that wall, There would be absolutely no need for text, whatsoever. Somehow, people in the area would become acquainted with the place's existence and whereabouts. Well, that's my great idea for now.

he who is known as sefton

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Blogger Bertil said...

Cannot leave without telling you what a great joy your thoughts and language give me. Thanx!

I'll also have to tell you that the memorial link is dead.

6:22 PM  
Blogger he who is known as sefton said...

aaay, bertil,
..... thank you!

9:54 AM  

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