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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

CRYSTAL STAR - segment 11

Sixth song of the show: a light, frothy melody in 3/4 time

On some star-lit nightOn some lovely night.
I shall be where you are,

My love, my crystal star.
Come that night, hold me tight -
Lift me high to your height.

Purest light so bright,
My own heart's delight.

Melt my soul, blaze dismiss
Pain of sins crushing bliss.
Star of peace, fate decrees -
Mad fever daze shall cease

On some star-lit night
On some crystal night.


This is not a song. If you've stayed with me so far, thank you. Perhaps, you would be interested in having an album of the show's songs. If so, please drop me a line, and when the album's available, I'll let you know how you can get it and what it'll cost. Be sure to write the word "album" on the envelope near the address.

If your group would like to perform the play, again drop me a line. Hopefully three months from this printing date, September 1978, I'll have the music for the songs. Be sure to write the word "perform" on the envelope near the address.

If my characters have either said or sung anything you either liked or dis-liked, please don't blame or credit me the author.

If there's anybody out there who has suggestions on how I can improve the show, that person is perfectly free to drop me a line. Just be sure to write the words "circular file" somewhere on the envelope.




Seventh and last song of the show: this is a bitter-sweet comment, sung in a haunting manner.

Small boys, sleep-hid safe, grow so tall.
Snug in their beds, they shake the stars.
Warm dreams, time-dimmed dreams still will call
Near as the heart, as far as Mars.

Boys will always nuzzle kittens,

Always lose their Christmas mittens.

Must all small boys stay small that way?
True, they will grow, so big, so strong.
Warm dreams, time-dimmed dreams lure astray
Men that should know what's true from wrong.

Boys will always nuzzle kittens,
Always lose their Christmas mittens.

Small boys, grown sky-tall, cling to dreams.
All through their lives, they walk in mist.
Warm dreams, time-dimmed dreams, shape their schemes,
Beautiful lies, no men resist.

Boys will always nuzzle kittens,
Always lose their Christmas mittens.

Copyright (C) 1978 by Albert A. M. Stella

dat's all, folks ... no more easter eggs

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