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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my date with sandee!

As that hoary canard goes, two's company, three's a crowd. In this instance, the crowd comprised some 15 or so good ol' regular folks. This piece is a follow-up to "egg & chunk", or maybe more properly "mulishly monomaniac". Anyway, yours ever so truly followed up on that "R S V P", and attended that breakfast, hosted by the deputy whip for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Yes, it was indeed an interesting experience. Must admit the breakfast did exceed expectations.

Maybe, I should've taken notes, as did one earnest guest. So, now I'm trying to remember what I think are interesting details. A few minutes were spent conversing with Debbie about the Danny Crisman memorial. Details about my impressions are recorded in the "cute enough" piece. I wonder whether I startled "sandee" with my comment on being a fan of Bill Mahr's.

The deputy whip did draw my attention with her implicit lament on the lack of enthusiasm on the part of younger people for community service as volunteers. No, yours every so truly said not a single word on that subject. Last time I volunteered ... oh, never mind!

Somebody mentioned harnessing the Susquehanna River to generate electricity. Yes, I did rain on that person's parade. First off, nowhere on the first two-thirds of the river's length, could a dam be economically built. Second, on the last third, the reservoir created by a dam would flood out thousands of people, who like living where they're living.

Oh, well, keep visiting this blog. It's a good bet this piece will be revised, as I mull over what I should further write.

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