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Sunday, September 11, 2005

CRYSTAL STAR - segment 05

thanx, Jimay's Flea Market . . .

The above text has been left to serve as a memorial to that post, which originally occupied this slot.

In this segment, I'm publishing pages 42 through 49 in Scene 4, along with pages 49 through 53 in Scene 5 of my one-act play CRYSTAL STAR. As readers encounter the following segments, they shall be reminded about how the text is being published. In the following segment, a few succeeding pages in the original are published. And in the segment after that, a few pages that succeed those are published.

Copyright (c) 1978 by Albert A.M. Stella

Scene 4 - page 42

Joachim: *** (Crosses stage, if necessary shoving aside Volumna, to take the rabbi by the shoulders.)***
I will have your answer.
***(Spins rabbi about.)***
Look at me!
*** (Then softly.)*** Look at me!
***(After they look each_other in the eye.)***
I thought so. ***(Said with contempt and sorrow.)***

Volumna: ***(Frightened, small girl voice.)*** You must be insane to say anything so terrible as that.

Joachim: How typical of little America fluff! ***(And over here is_ another_ interesting examale of- -)*** Anything unfamiliar to them is terrible, and anything terrible to them is insane.

Rabbi: One must make allowances for Americans.

Joachim: ***(Pushin the rabbi away and with cold contempt.)*** You disappoint me with your weak attempt to humor me.

Rabbi: Of what special knowledge am I supposed to be guilty?

Joachim: "Guilty" - - that word is the measure of you. How you and your kind love to wallow in the filth of such words: guilt, salvation and revenge.

Rabbi: And I suppose you and your kind redeemed the world from filth.

Joachim: That, old man, is in the future.

Scene 4 - page 43

Volumna: What kind of future? ***(Sarcastically.)***

Joachim: ***(As if talking to_an under-achiever.)*** A future free from parasites and prigs. Today belongs to them, but tomorrow is not their inheritance. ***(Warming up_)*** How cunning they are. How cleverly they poison away that higher, noble strength with conscience, guilt and pity. And how that poisoned herd love to press tight against each. other - - in that mud and filth.

Volumna: ***(Her breath's taken away. This guy's a kook.)*** Where did you get ideas like that?

Rabbi: ***(Rather urbane.)*** He got them out of the air.

Joachim: Ach, in your child-like sarcasm, you have hit upon the truth.

Volumna: Did the air talk to you?

Joachim: I took my thoughts from out of the air. The world trembled when the air Germany took breath from turned electric with spirit. Perhaps, rabbi, you may care to help her understand. You were alive in Germany at that time, were you not?

Rabbi: ***(Slow)*** Yes, I was alive at the time.

Joachim: Then for certain your heart was stirred by the resurgence of Germany's racial geist.

Scene 4 - page 44

Volumna: Geist? ***(Is there a recipe for it?)***

Joachim: Yes, GEIST! An exurberance of the spirit, an awareness of strength and beauty, a love and a lust for destiny, the pro­foundest enjoyment of fate.

Volumna: You weren't even eighteen at the time, how could you have entertained such thoughts.

Joachim: The young do not "entertain" thoughts. We gave our thoughts flesh and breath.

Rabbi: And then you stripped the flesh and breath from living people.

Joachim: Birth takes place only in blood.

Rabbi: The birth of what? A super-race of sausage gluttons.

Joachim: Again, rabbi, you disappoint me.

Rabbi: ***(Real sarcasm.)*** Perhaps, I should beg your indulgence.

Joachim: Very well, I will indulge you. Even today, glib, pompous asses preach that all we wanted was power to rule sausage gluttons. Supposedly, to keep this power, we waged war to enrich them with loot.

Volumna: I'm told you did a pretty good job at looting.

Joachim: Those pompous asses preach their banality well. Doch, they must have banality on the brain, banality in the brain, and banality for the brain.

Scene 5 - -page 45

Volumna: Hmmm, that's nice alliteration. ***(She learns three new words every day.)***

Joachim: We did not wage war to keep power. We took power to wage war.

Volumna: A war you lost to us.

Joachim: You dwell on a misadventure, a first, failed attempt. We were not destroyed, and our spirits were strengthened and made far more deserving of their great task.

Rabbi: Mein Gott im Himmel. ***(When will they ever learn?)***

Joachim: It was only through war, we could infuse the earth with spirit. It was only through war, we could become worthy to take possession of our birth-right.

Volumna: Just what exactly is your birth-right?

Joachim: Tomorrow.

Rabbi: In our eagerness for tomorrow, how easily we forget yesterday.

Joachim: Why must you continue to dwell on that mis­adventure. Still, that is your choice. Still, even you must admit that the mis­adventure brought a new nobility into the essence that is Europe.

Rabbi: For a German, that is a rather large European sentiment. ***(You've_ got_ to be putting me on.)***

Joachim: There is no Europe without Germany.

Scene 4 - page 46

Volumna: ***(Joins in)*** Really? I had no idea all that Europeans live for is sauerkraut.

Joachim: It is easy to get the idea all that Americans live for is brighter teeth, drier breath, and fresher arm-pits.

Volumna: ***(Her face says well_I've -never-been -)***

Rabbi: Tell me, Joachim. What do you live for?

Joachim: The salvation of Europe and the fulfillment of her destiny.

Rabbi: The "salvation" of Europe? ***(Can't help. being amused.)*** From what sins? What danger?

Joachim: Europe is caught in a pincers movement.

Rabbi: Perhaps, I find it hard to hear. Did you say a "pincers movement"?

Joachim: Perhaps, you also find it hard to see. Europe is being suffocated by a Tatar horde from the East and a stampede of Smiley Burdettes from across the Atlantic.

Volumna: The United States and Russia? You got to be paranoid.

Joachim: You have an excuse to believe that. You are just a little American, corn-fed girl. **(Quick turn.)*** But you, rabbi, you have no excuse. You know what I say is true,

Rabbi: I know that you are a mad man,-and that you are my problem.

Joachim: Ach, you have finally come to your senses? Remember, you must hide and fluff. But you still get your nine hundred.

Scene 4 - page 47

Rabbi:I should hide you? - - - Helushka's killer.

Joachim: You have no right even to speak her name.

Rabbi: You had no right to shed her blood. Even though you are mad, justice must be done. On that fatal day, though you were just a boy, you had the power of choice.

Joachim: I spit on your justice.

Rabbi: And so, you would spit on the radiance that was Helushka.

Joachim: ***(Something just snapped_)*** ***(Mimics the boy Joachim's voice.)*** I detest to touch filth. Nevertheless, I will now take pleasure in strangling you with my bare hands.

Rabbi: Kill me, and you shall surely find no place to hide. I die, but nevertheless, I shall have accomplished half the task of my final years - - your justice.

Joachim: My justice?! You probably planned to drown me in chicken soup. Do not try to resist me/it would be useless. Die with dignity. ***(Starts moving towards the rabbi.)***

Volumna: ***(Lots of fire.)*** Fools! The both of you! Blind, stupid fools! Dollars to donuts, Helushka was like any other normal girl. She probably didn't care one or another about "radiance", "geist", or any other kind of your stupid pompous, ASSISININE bull. ***(Her third new word.)*** Chances are - - all she ever wanted out of life was to be somebody's wife, somebody's mother.

Scene 4 - page 48

Rabbi: Doch, little Amerika fluff speaks the truth.

Joachim: ***(Back_to normal voice.)*** I should grow used to this. Three times in one night, rabbi, I am disappointed in you. Volumna has told a truth, but not THE truth.

Volumna: ***(Cautious)*** Maybe you would liketo tell us what the truth is.

Joachim: You could learn from this girl, rabbi. She can humor me better than you.
***(Suddenly)*** Oh, I grow tired. The hounds draw near, and I grow tired.

Joachim: ***(Exhaustedly, walks over to table, takes a cup of coffee and sips from it. Then he makes this speech.) ************************

Is the earth big enough to hide me from the hounds? It is so small, perhaps, too small, to yield me a place to hide. Yet, it is large enough. For the all-too-similar, it is wirkliech large enough. All-too-similar are the best and the least of human spirit. Ja, they are quite cozy here on this earth. Soon, oh, so soon, they shall awaken in a world far too large. Earth, this earth, swells with destiny.

Mein Gott, for the sake of destiny, the fulfillment of Europe's spiritual destiny, I have given over my heart, my spirit, my body. How I kept on all these years is a mystery to me.
I feel cold. Where is that warmth? My Germany, my Europe's final hope, you are
a volcano, a Vesuvius of spirit. Why will you not give me warmth? Must I go under in the lava of your eruption? Very well, then

Scene 4 - page 49

let the violence of your eruption light the earth, and shift the wind and sea. Make them a cradle. and hymn for our over-man. In over-man, what in man is riddle and fragment and dreadful accident shall at last be carried into one. True, among men there are superior men. But next to over-men, they are poor jokes.

Men are not fit to be gods. It is just as well, though. This earth, this our mother, this island earth is too small for gods. When will what is all-TO-man blaze in the frenzy of that spiritual eruption?

***(Now a siren wails loud then it goes low to let theaudience hear Volumna.)*** ^

Volumna: Please, dear God, let that be the cops.

***(After that, the siren wail fades into music. As the music starts the light on the woods intensifies. The four boys sing and do some choreography for A THOUSAND YEARS. When the song ends, their right arms are up-raised in the Nazi salute, dagger in hand. The "daggers" can be just hunting knives.) * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Scene 5 - page 50

***(At_the_conclusion of_the anthem,_the boys put their knives back.)***

Joachim: ***(Sniffs the air a couple times.) ***

Hans: Was ist laus?

Joachim: One of you guys wears perfume.

Heinriech: That Schnapps you got us must be strong stuff.

Joachim: I tell you I smell perfume.

Heinriech: Don't look at me when you say that. You looking for a fight? ***(Then starts side.-stepping carefully toward shrubbery_.)***

Joachim: I do smell perfume.

Heinriech: ***(Continues side-stepping.)*** I know what you're smelling. The von Hauptmanns like to ride their horses here.

Hans: Nein. Joachim is right. I smell the perfume too. It is delicious.

Heinriech: ***(Makes a grab behind the shrubbery_ and violently_ extracts a _young girl. He twists her arm behind her back.)*** Was haben wir hier? ***(With a dirty smile.)*** ^

Fritz: A jew girl!

Heinriech: Ja, a Jew girl and all mine.

Joachim: Nein! Nein! She is mine. I noticed she was around before you did.

Scene 4 - page 51

Heinriech: But I caught her and I got her. ***(To_the girl.)*** Hey, cutie, don't try anything or I'll use my dagger on you.

Hans: Fritz, whom does she belong to?

Fritz: ***(Taps his_chin with_his_right_index finger a couple times, then says.) *** Heinriech.

Joachim: All right, then what are you going to do with her?

Heinriech: For a Jew girl, she's nice looking. Why shouldn't she be a nice-looking Jew woman?

Hans: I am puzzled by what you are saying.

Heinriech: Let's do to her what her thieving tribe has been doing to the Fatherland.

Hans: ***(A dirt grin)*** Now I understand. ***(Looks to Fritz.)***

Fritz: ***(Another dirty grin follows.)***

Joachim: Wait a - - - wait a minute! You just don't do things like that - - - just like that.

Heinriech: Why not?

Joachim: Well, it's just that, ah, we're not supposed to, ah - - -

Hans: We could get into trouble with the police. Ja?

Scene 5 - page 52

Heinriech: Dummkopf! In this part of the world, it's open season on Jews. We're not in Jew-ruled Russia or America, you know. Isn't that so, Fritz.

Fritz: ***(Nods in agreement.)***

Heinriech: Christmas came early. ***(Then taking hold of the girl's dress collar. Her jacket's open.)*** Let me unwrap our Christmas present.

Joachim: Hoch, how brave we are! Four of us against one Jew girl. If she were a man, Heinriech, how much guts would you have - - without the rest of us around?

Heinriech: What's the matter with you? Don't you like your girls kosher.

Joachim: And what's the matter with you? You got to be scared, ja, too scared to answer my question.

Heinriech: I am a German. I am bound by Aryan honor to fear no Jew, man or girl.

Joachim: Show that honor means something to you. Let the girl go!

Heinriech: Let the girl go? ***(You're kidding.)*** I know what's wrong with you. You're too scared to do it!

Joachim: Your Dulcinea knows better than that.

Heinriech: I'm going to beat you to within a centimeter of your life, you Jew-loving Schweinhund.

Joachim: Whom are you talking to? Me or that girl? I know for a fact you're scared to meet a Jew man in a fight.

Scene 5 - page 53

Heinriech: No Jew man scares me. Bring me any man ***(Smart-alecky)*** "confessing the Hebrew Faith; and I'll break that Jew man in a half.

Joachim: Any Jew man?

Heinriech: You heard me.

Joachim: If I get you your Jew man, what will you give me?

Heinriech: I'll give you this girl.

Joachim: That is a deal.

Heinriech: Not so fast. There's one more thing.

Joachim: What is it?

Heinriech: Fritz, you got that watch your uncle gave you?

Fritz: *** (Gets out a pocket watch.) ***

Heinriech: Joachim, you got three minutes.

Joachim: Three minutes?! ***(You're putting me on_)*** ***(Looks to Fritz.)***

Fritz: ***(Taps the watch face three times with finger tip..)***

Heinriech: I didn't stutter. You got three minutes - - - starting now.

Young girl: ***(Pleading)*** Joachim! ***(Looks in Joachim's eyes_)*** ***(Desparingly.)*** No! -

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