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Saturday, September 10, 2005

CRYSTAL STAR - segment 07

I hate President George Walker Bush.

Yeah, the above text is an odd way to start publishing pages 63 thru 69 of my one-act play CRYSTAL STAR. In point of fact, I consider my print declaration of enmity towards "dum'ass botch" as a "memorial" to the piece that originally appeared in this slot.

In each and every segment, the visitor will reminded that I'm publishing my one-act play with music in the manner of "last in, first out". Here's a simple way to catch my drift. In the very last enumerated segment, found in my blog, one finds therein the very last few pages of the hard-copy text. In the segment, immediately preceding the one just mentioned, one finds the few pages that immediately precede those in the paperback ... okay, now let's proceed:

Scene 5 - page 63

Fritz: ___ *** (Strong call focus.) *** Wow, that's beautiful skin.

Joachim: ___ *** (Re-acts.) ***

Heinriech: ____ Come on, Joachim, we haven't got all day, you know.

Joachim: ____ *** (Goes off-stage, holding the dagger in his two hands, like an ancient priest, walking solemnly to the altar.) ***

Helushka: ____ *** (All young people off-stage and medley still playing.) ***
*** (Helushka groans through clenched teeth.) ***

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Special Note: The audience gets everything.


********After Helushka's groan has given way to silence, the lights go up in the kitchen and dim in the woods. * * * * * * * * * * *

Joachim: ____ The thought to the deed is one thing; the deed itself still another; and the image after the deed, that awful image, yet another.

Volumna: ____ What is the rest of the story?

Joachim: ____ You want to hear the rest of the story, wahr?

Volumna: ____ Yes, I want to hear what happened to those young people.

Joachim: ____ What happened was a beginning that none of us were ready for. Not even Heinriech with his taste for blood was ready. Heinriech who gave us our daggers. Nein, not even he was ready.

Volumna: ____ Ready for what?

Rabbi: _____ Murder - - demonic. Murder - - out of mania. Murder for the sake of thoughts condensed like dew from thing air.

Joachim: _____ There was a killing that day. Poor Hans, innocent, good-natured Hans, he never did known his own strength.

Volumna: ____ What happened?

Scene 6 - page 65

Joachim: ____ When Herr Kristalstern returned to his children, he found Helushka, bleedidng from her Star of David, and Isaac, dead in her arms.

Volumna: ____ Oh, my God.

Rabbi: ____ On the morning of the next day, the Kristalsterns buried Isaac, and that evening departed far from here.

Volumna: ____ They were that frightened? *** (Incredulous) *** Too frightened to go to the police.

Rabbi: _____ You have no idea what it was like around here. Helushka's parents had no stomach to stay and risk the life of their remaining child.

Volumna: _____ Joachim, was it really that bad that soon?

Joachim: _____ *** (Ignoring her, staring into his cup of coffee.) ***

Volumna: _____ *** (Fifteen seconds waiting.) *** Wait a minute! Wait a minute! *** (I'm confused.) *** I'm confused. *** (Fire in her voice.) *** It's true. It's all true what I said about the both of you. You are fools. And as for you, Rabbi Gottesmann, you think you're so clever with your little riddles. Of course, Joachim shed that poor girl's blood twice. Once, when he managed to get her brother killed: and twice, when he . . . mutilated her. Yet for years, you insisted that Joachim murdered Helushka. And with a wave of your hand, you disregard that unfortunate boy's death. All I got to say is: you are positively weird.

Scene 6 - page 66

Rabbi: _____ You have yet to hear the rest of the story.

Volumna: ____ This has got to be unreal. I wonder. Is somebody going to get out a violin and play HEARTS AND FLOWERS.

Rabbi: ____ No doubt and no dispute, Isaac's murder was horrible and reprehensible. However, it is Helushka's fate that touches my innermost being. Helushka had a radiant inner spirit, a healing innocence. She was free from any need to forgive. To her presence was suffused with light, innocence and healing joy. Oh that fatal day, the burden of forgiveness fell upon Helushka. That radiance and that innocence gone. For me, on that day, Helushka died.

*** (Angrily.) *** When the burden of Joachim's forgiveness fell upon Helushka, the burden of Joachim's justice fell upon me.

Joachim: ____ *** (Lays aside coffee.) *** My justice?! *** (Of all the nerve.) *** You burn for justice? It's a wonder you aren't a cinder after waiting so many years for it.

Rabbi: ____ I detest to touch filth. The way you murdered Helushka requires a very fitting retribution. You turned her brother over to your fellow Germans and comrade Aryans to his death and her death. So, shall you receive your justice from the hands of your fellow Germans and comrade Aryans.

**** (The siren wails again. Joachim springs, grabs Volumna about her shoulders with one arm, and with his free hand, draws a dagger and holds it to her throat.) ****

Scene 6 - page 67 -

Joachim: ; ____ How could you have known I would be in this fix. I do not care. You shall hide me and this girl. Remember, I have nothing to lose.

Volumna: ____ *** (Looks quite upset.) ***

Rabbi: _____ That dagger, that dagger. *** (Starts towards them.) ***

Joachim: ____ Let the Volkspolizei see me, and I'll use it to take her with me.

Rabbi: _____ Did you ever touch another girl with that dagger?

Joachim: ____ *** (Throws the rabbi a desperate look.) ***

Volumna: ___ *** (Likewise.) ***

Rabbi: ____ Do you find it it hard to hear? I said: did you ever touch another girl with that dagger? *** (Keeps going toward the two.) ***

Joachim: ___ *** (No answer.) ***

Rabbi: ____ I know the secret of your heart. *** (Takes hold of dagger with two fingers.) ***

For all your brave talk about the poisons of sin, guilt and conscience, the lash of your heart denies you any real peace or rest.

*** (Starts pulling dagger away from Volumna's throat.) ***

For you it is all over. And it was so from the day you disfigured Helushka with this.

Rabbi and Joachim: ____ *** (Look into each other's eyes.) ***

Scene 6 - page 68

******* (There comes a knock on the door. The boy who plays Fritz will call out: *****
"Guten abend. Volkspolizei. Open up."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Joachim: _____ *** (Stage whispers.) *** You can have it all - - eleven hundred marks.

*** (Waits.) *** Bitte, Rabbi Gottesmann, for the love of God!

Rabbi: ____ Get over quickly there. *** (Points to where the door had hidden Volumna.) ***

Joachim: ____ *** (Does so and puts dagger back inside jacket.) ***

Rabbi: ____ Fraulein Cliothal, stay here. *** ( Then goes over to door and answers it. As the rabbi opens the door, it hides Joachim. Remember special instructions.) ***

Guten abend, Herr Offizier, how may I help you?

****** (The boy who plays Fritz should be dressed in a beige overcoat and a fedora. He'll be accompanied by the boy who plays Hans. He should be carrying a bolt-action rifle and wearing a soldier-style cap and jacket.) *******

Beige overcoat: ____ May we come in for a few moments. *** (Polite command.) ***

Rabbi: ____ Jawohl. *** (Lets them in.) ***

Beige: ____ Rabbi Gottesmann, has anything unusual happened here tonight?

Rabbi: ____ So, what do you call unusual? I have a young American reporter for a visitor. She thinks I would make an interesting story.

Scene 6 - page 69 -

Beige: ____ *** (Wry smile.) *** I am sure you would. But that is not important. We have to conduct a quite thorough search in and around this area.

Rabbi: ____ You want to search my house?

Beige: ____ We will in a little while. First, we have some procedures to follow. Then we'll come back to search.

Rabbi: ____ What do you need to do now?

Beige: ____ *** (Reaches into his overcoat, and pulls out a sheaf of papers.) *** This is a Notification and Verification of Residence Search. Fill out all seven copies and send them to the ministries mentioned thereon. Don't forget to affix proper postage.

Rabbi: ____ *** (Takes the papers and riffles them at the corner.) ***

Beige: ____ *** (Continuing.) *** You will need to send seven marks fee with the one copy for the Ministry of Mice Control.

Rabbi: ____ Why? *** (Laying aside papers on the table.) ***

Beige: ____ This is how thoroughly we will search. Rabbi, even after the search, you are advised to remain inside at least until dawn. And that goes for you too, Fraulein.

Volumna: ____ *** (Recovered a bit.) *** But why?

Beige: ____ Let me just say we do not care to have our visitors meet unpleasant people.

Bolt-action rifle: ____ Unpleasant! Just tonight he cut off somebody's hand to escape.

Beige: ___ Schweigen!

Copyright (C) 1978 by Albert A.M. Stella

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