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Sunday, September 11, 2005

CRYSTAL STAR - segment 06

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.

The above text has been left to serve as a memorial to that, which originally occupied this slot.

In this segment, I'm publishing pages 54 through 62, all in Scene 5, of my one-act play CRYSTAL STAR. As readers encounter the following segments, they shall be reminded about how the text is being published. In the following segment, a few succeeding pages in the original are published. And in the segment after that, a few pages that succeed those are published.

Copyright (c) 1978 by Albert A.M. Stella

Scene 5 - page 54

******(As she says the word no, the light intensity in
******the woods lessens and its tint reddens. Then a
******spot-light goes on the man Joachim in the kitchen.
******All other actors should remain where they are and
******stay relaxed. **************

The man Joachim:______ In such a brief moment, what thoughts can pass between two people. Helushka.
I had known her since before my mother
brought me to kindergarden. Helushka
was three years older than I. Still,
it was natural that we grew up together.
Her father and mine had served in board
the same ship during the Great War's
Battle of Jutland. Afterwards, they
worked for the same company in our town.
We had all been such loving friends
until the world's trembling shook us
apart. In such a brief moment, what
thoughts can pass between two people.

*******As the man Joachim is saying his last sentence,
******Iet the boy Joachim and Helushka slip off to one
******side of the woods.)****************
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

the boy Joachim: ______ Shoeki, you silly idiot, why didn't you take off, when we came around?

Shoeki: ______Your friends came as silently as wolves. We were surprised.

The boy: _____ "We", eh? I knew Isaac had to be with you. You still could've run off.

Shoeki: ______Jachin, you know my little brother cannot run at all fast. How could he have run away? And how could I have left him alone

Scene 5 - page 55

Jachin:_______ So, you stayed and got yourself into trouble. ***(They-can-be-dumb)***

Shoeki: ______I can handle it.

Jachin: ______ The hell you can! Don't you know what these guys want to do to you?

Shoeki:________ That is a stupid question. I want to know what you are going to do.

Jachin: _______Simple. I bring in Isaac, then Heinriech and I make the exchange. A deal is a deal, you know.

Shoeki: _______I cannot believe my ears. They'll do some-thing bad to Isaac.

Jachin: _______Keine Sorgen, Shoeki, keine Sorgen. What can my friends do to him?

Shoeki: _______Don't you dare tell me not to worry. Bitte, Jachin, just don't do anything.

Jachin: _______Look, so Isaac gets slapped around a little. After that, you can take him home.

Shoeki:: ______How can you say something like that? ***(Unreal!)*** Isaac always looked up to you.

Jachin: _______And how could you have been so dumb to take a walk with just Isaac in the woods?

Shoeki: _______Isaac will be lucky if he sees his fifteenth birthday. He loves being here with me. Who can deny him such a simple pleasure?

Jachin: *** (Looking up to signal give-me-strength.)***
***(Now looking at her.)*** ______ Shoeki, why just you two alone?

Scene 5 - page 56

Shoeki: _______Isaac wanted to spend some time talking just to me. My father understands this. That's why he left us here.

Jachin: *** (Now we're setting somewhere.) *** ______Where's your father now?

Shoeki: ________I don't know. He is supposed to come back for us in about another half hour.

Jachin: ***(Gesturing with his hand.)*** ______All right, let me think, let me think. It shouldn't take me two minutes to find Isaac. Heinriech will put up a fuss, but I can always out-wit him. Anyway, his fussing will help me stall for more time.

Shoeki: _______Why can't you just let Isaac stay hidden? Bitte, Jachin, for the love of God.

Jachin: ______Let me handle this.

Shoeki: ______Doesn't what I want mean anything to you?

Jachin: _______Shoeki, naturliech, it matters a great deal. Let me handle this.

Shoeki: ______I know what you're trying to do, but it's not going to work.

Jachin: ______It will work. I'm going to get you out of this mess.

Shoeki: ______I'm not talking about. Can't you see what you're really trying to do?

Jachin: _____What?

Shoeki: ______You're trying to save the love we have between us, and, Jachin, at the same time you're trying to remain one in geist with your friends.

Scene 5 - page 57 -

Jachin: ______This isn't the time to talk about such things.

Shoeki: ______Not the time!?! Jachin, I am a Jewess. Your friends and all the rest of your new Reich want to do hideous things to Jews.

Jachin: ______Nein, Shoeki, nein. We want to punish ONLY the bad Jews.

Shoeki: _____Jachin, evil men are telling you filthy lies. How can you go to those torch-light ralles and listen to such filthy lies. You go to those torch-light rallies - - I know you do. And you listen to evil men tell lies. They throw their words like torches into the crowd, and they burn. Then the people in the crowd yell and scream their hearts away. You yell and scream "Zieg Heil" along with them - - I know you do. Oh, what have they done to you? They have imprisoned you. Jachin, how can I love you now?

Jachin: _______Shoeki, it's not going to be like this forever. After all the bad Jews are punished, it'll all be as it was before. We'll be such good friends again. We'll be like sweet-hearts.

Shoeki: _______Then be a sweet-heart and do as I ask. ***(Now she sings YOU THAT I LOVE.)*** ***(During the last strain of the song's music.)***_

Scene 5 - page 58

Shoeki: *** says *** ______ Why won't you remember? When you were sick, I brought you hot tea with lemon. When you were sad, I played the piano for you. And when you were hurt and loney, I held you in my arms.

***(Now let Joachim and Helushka drift back to where then were before.)***
***(As Heinriech once more grabs her arm)***

Shoeki: :______No older sister could have treated you more lovingly, or loved you more,

Joachim: ______I understand. Three minutes. I'll be hack. ***(Goes off-stage.)***

Heinriech: _____Look at her. She's shaking. Let me twist her arm a little.

Helushka: ***(Resisters the pain)*** ***(Her face strains.)***

Heinriech: ______She's as frightened as a mouse. She even looks like - - No! Not with those eyes.

Hans: _______They make her look like a deer.

Heinriech: ____Do you really think so?

Hans and Fritz; ***(Nod in agreement.)***

Heinriech: _______You're right! She does look like a deer. Deer meat is supposed to taste sweet.

Hans: _____It's always good if it's cooked right.

Heinriech: ***(Here Heinriech sings with some accompani-
ment from the other boys_ HOWL OF THE WOLF.)***

Scene 5 - page 59

****(At the end of the song, Joachim returns with a small boy. who walks with a limp.) ***

Isaac: ______ Oh, big brother, are these your friends? ***(From his slow manner of speech, it is obvious Isaac is retarded.) ***

Joachim: ______Ja.

Isaac: _______Oh, big sister, are all we going to play "hide"?

Helushka: _____Isaac, little brother, we'll have to play another kind of game.

Heinriech: ***(Some relief in his voice.)*** ______ You call that a Jew man? No deal!

Joachim: ______Fritz, I came back in time, right?

Fritz: ______Ja.

Heinriech: _____The deal's off.

Joachim: ________Fritz, a deal is a deal, right?

Fritz: ______Ja.

Heinriech: _______ You're crazy. Your little brother is Jew all right, but not a Jew man.

Isaac: ***(Addressing_ Joachim)*** _____ I am a man. I am thirteen years old. I have gone to bar mitzvah. I am a man.

Joachim: ______ You heard him, Fritz. Is this deal a deal?

Fritz: _______Ja.

Heinriech: ______Teufel! I was tricked!

Scene 5 - page 60

Joachim: _______You heard him, Heinriech. Hand her over.

Heinriech: ***(Draws his dagger and brings it to the girl's cheek.)***
________ Before I do, I'm going to brand her. A Jew star will look good on her. Won't it, big sister Jew girl?

Joachim: _______A deal is a deal. You've got to hand the goods over intact.

Heinriech: ______I don't have to.
Joachim: _________You have to hand her over. Fritz says so.

Heinriech: _______All right. I will. After I cut the star of David into her.

Isaac: ________I not like this game.

Joachim: _____Quiet Isaac! Hand her over right now. You heard Fritz. A deal is a deal. You've got to hand the goods over.

Heinriech: ______You tricked me! ***(Venemous.)***

Joachim: _______You agreed to it.

Heinriech: ______I didn't say what shape she would be in. As for you, big sister Jew girl, stay still. One slip and I just might slit your throat.

Joachim: ________You get the worse end of the deal. But that doesn't mean you've got to carve that girl up with your dagger.

Heinriech: _______That's right!

Scene 5 - page 61

Joachim: _______That's better!

Keinriech: ______Kamerad, you have to do it. Say you'll do it on your honor as a German and an Aryan. Remember, if you don't carve that Jew star into her, I will.

Joachim: ________Heinriech, you've got to be mad. You must have drunk too much Schnapps.

Heinriech: ______Joachim, so what if I am - - and I did? Ooh, my hand is a little unsteady. could botch the job.

Joachim: ________You win. I'll do it. I'll carve the star of David on her.

Isaac: ________This is a bad game. ***(Somehow he jumps/ limps off-stage.)*** Poppa, poppa, where are you, poppa? Come for us, poppa!

***(Somehow, it sounds like the kid falls into some shrubbery.) ***

Heinriech: ________Hans, get to that kid and gag him before he gets up.

Hans: ***(Goes off-stage.) ***

Heinriech: ______Fritz, come over here and help me hold her.

Fritz: ***(Does so.)***

Heinriech: _____Now, Joachim, let's see you keep your word. Remember, carve deep.

Hans: _______***(Yelling off-stage.)*** He bit me!

Joachim: _______***(Screaming above Isaac)*** Hans, gag that kid a little harder.

Scene 5 - page 62

Isaac: ***(Stops.)***

Joachim: ***(Cold)*** ________ Now you two lay her belly-down on the ground over there, and bare her back.

Heinriech: ________ You're supposed to cut her face. Joachim: I didn't say I would.

Heinriech: _______ Fritz, what do you say to that?

Fritz: ________ You gave Joachim the job. How he does it is how he does it.

Heinriech: ______ O.K., let's get started.

Heinriech and Fritz: ***(Starting Helushka off stage)***

Heinriech: ***(Almost off-stage.)*** ***(Calls over shoulder.)*** _____ You'd better carve deep.

****(All other young people off-stage, Joachim slowly draws his dagger. * * * * *
There's a little instrumental music - - a medley of a THOUSAND YEARS, YOU THAT I LOVE and HAZARD'S CHILDREN.)* * * * * * * * * *

Heinriech: ***(Strong call focus to be heard above the music.)*** _______ Fritz, grab hold of her dress there, will you?

***(Sound of fabric tearing.)***

Let's get her slip.

***(More fabric tearing.)***

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