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Monday, November 28, 2005

that bridge for Joey, part two

The way I figure it, if I'm going to get a certain bridge re-named, however unofficially so, I gotta go to extremes. As for the kicker, look just below.

Appearing right next to this block
of text, is my sketch for a
proposed sculpture to
commemorate the events of

By the way, I'm hoping
the reader will try to
imagine the lemony yellow as metallic gold. By way of reference to popular lore, gold is considered a symbol for commerce. Just so happens, that's the purpose, for which the Twin Towers were erected.

The green color of the arms is meant to recall the color of the copper clad Statue of Liberty in New York harbor. One arm is meant to evoke masculinity, and the other with the red-coated thumbnail is meant to evoke femininity. By way of metaphor, both arms are upholding the symbol for the dawn of enlightenment. Incidentally, the Aztecs referred to the element gold as "tears of the sun".

So, by way of metaphor, metallic gold refers to the purpose for the Twin Towers, the sun of enlightenment, and the tears of grief, shed for so much personal loss. If I may, I should like to refer to another piece in this blog, titled "cute enough". Some of its text describes a memorial, erected with the help of a community by a woman for her only child.

I would like to dwell a bit on the topic of masculinity and femininity. Just happens, those who hi-jacked and then crashed those four airliners were misogynists. Evidently, the major share for their motivation was incited by their dismay over women coming into their own. For that reason, I dearly wish our broadcast and print media would pin the epithet "bedbug" on those misogynists.

In other essay in this blog, I mention what had been envisioned for the Middle East by the most thoroughly spiritual man I ever met. Oh, well, maybe in the grand scheme of our reality, the liberation of women in the Islamic world mattered enough to justify Islam's blowing off a once-in-a-millennium opportunity.

As for how I'm hoping to use the above graphics to realize the re-naming of a certain bridge, well, I know I'm going to need cash ... lots of that filthy lucre.

Here's a bit of the typography of Susquehanna Depot. A part of that municipality's Main Street is bracketed by Route 92 and the post office. In a sense, those two features and the establishments in between are on a shelf. And that shelf abuts a wall that dips down into, what I call, the "hole". In the hole, one finds other establishments, both commercial and municipal.

What I would like to see happen is that wall becoming covered with murals. I have in mind the two above graphics, along with my proposed Pledge for Constitutional Allegiance. Oh, what the heck, I'll even toss in my "corleone manifesto".

On one section of the wall, I'll have this text in bold gold text, specifically,

... people enjoy the view from atop the "unofficially" U G and Joey's bridge ...

eYep, that'll be one way to get that bridge re-named.

Of course, to get all that accomplished, I'll need permission from the people, who own the wall. Here's the thing. Even to my layman's eye, that wall is in need of repair. And it ain't gonna be cheap.

Somehow, I'm hoping that the "flag" graphic will be adopted by a t-shirt company for one of their lines. With the consequent royalties, I'll make an offer to the people, who own the wall. My footing the bill for repairing the wall, in return for the right to have my murals painted on same.


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